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The Jordan Peterson thread


Hall of Fame Member
Just poor timing I felt when he was dealing with a family and personal crisis that had nothing to do with your comment about him
Huh? It has 100% to do with my comment.

His daughter has quite literally claimed that her methods have cured both her and her father of a range of health issues including depression, and that they have no longer taken medication for this. All you have to do is subscribe to her channel and buy her book. Don't listen to doctors or scientists or anything.

When he subsequently became addicted to medication she said "gee it would have been nice to know that these pills were addictive when they were prescribed". Dude is a clinical psychologist and doesn't know that benzodiazepines are highly addictive?

I'm not happy that he has addictions, I'm not happy about his personal crisis.

But the lies and pseudoscience absolutely needs to be exposed, for the good of the world.


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His daughter also claims she's 'never seen her dad like this' and the personal crisis he's facing is quite unprecedented (from what I understand of his earlier life) so I think it's quite separate from his diet and it's just a weird time to go in for a beat down.

"You see, even his meat diet couldn't save him from the pain of his wife slowly dying in front of him! Lies!"

Tbh I haven't followed him or his daughter much of late, and the point you're making is probably quite legitimate but I just see it as poor timing when he's dealing with what he's dealing with.


Global Moderator
I'm also not really seeing the connection between the quite rightful - but to my eyes already thoroughly done - debunking of the pseudoscientific diet (amongst other things) and this specific case of addiction tbh. Think I'm with Maximas on this one.


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Apparently he's having some sort of weird detox treatment in Russia to wean him off Benzos.


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As much as I can't stand his views, it's sad what he and his family are going through and I hope he gets much better soon.


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Going to Russia is interesting. It's pretty unfair to speculate on another man's health and issues from addiction but I'll surge on ahead regardless. My guess would be that US/Canadian hospitals/treatments of weaning him off the benzos were too harsh and the Russian treatment differs in some way more palatable to him.

The rumour is, to skip the awful withdrawals he went to Russia to be placed in a medically induced coma.
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haha, this guy. are his fans still really weird and obsessive?
Some are, unfortunately. Blokes like HB and DriveClub seem a bit obsessed with me for some reason, but the rest of my public is pretty good for the most part.


Wish him a speedy recovery. Think he's a decent guy - just doesn't understand anything about life or the world.


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Really? I think he's a complete ****. I'm not wishing him dead, but if he died I have to say i wouldn't give it two seconds' thought.

Which is about as much time as his various exhortations on various issues deserve.