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The historical Diarys of Jamee999


Hall of Fame Member
Jamee999 was signed up for Cricket Web B before the Season 3 play-offs

27th October 2003

I made my Dev League debut today! :)

I was against the Veterans XI in the OD Semi Finals.

Here are the 2 teams:
Robin Smith
Desmond Haynes
Mark Waugh
Aravinda DeSilva
Viv Richards
Jonty Rhodes
Alec Stewart
Imran Khan
Ian Botham
Wasim Akram
Curtly Ambrose

Paid the Umpire
Gibbs N Smith
Vishnu Reddy
Samuel Vimes
Imran Khan(jr)
Supah Freak
Mr Wright

I was due out to bat at 6. My major incident of the first incident was when Imran Khan Jr. came in to bowl and Aravinda De Silva's cover drive came straight to me at Square Cover. I came in to bat at 150/4 chasing 245. I made a skilfull 35 off 64 balls however I was bowled by DeSilva but we only made 223/7 I came off the field dissapointed but shook hands with Mark Waugh and Man of the Match Aravinda DeSilva and exchanged plesantries. In the dressing room I talked to Nibblet who seems slightly eccentric and is a Kiwi and the 'keeper Samuel Vimes who is Norwiegian.

Season 4

I'm back with the B team this season :)

7th December 2003

Today I play in our first One Day game of the season! CWB vs New Zealand A... We batted first and I made 35 again but this time off a quicker 52 balls 231 all out was our total, I kept a tight cover area throught point and having deep mid off as our only backup me and Deeps took a lot of stops.We won by 13 runs as they made 218/8 with David's 40-3 getting him Man Of the Match.

8th December 2003

Today's match was against Bangladesh, these are Test Players so we know to have respect for the Asian Team, I only make 7 but cheer in the dressing room with the team as Imran Khan Jr. and Vish Reddy put on 127 for the 6th wicket which takes us to 294/6, I bowl 1 over which 6 runs are hit off. We restricted them to 187/8 and a 107 run victory.

Hear more excerpts from the diary soon.


Hall of Fame Member
It's a historical diary of every match I've ever played! Presuming your referring to KennyD.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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It'd be a very impressive effort if this were to be carried through to completion. Best of luck though, it should be interesting to read.


International Vice-Captain
^haha yeah, and whatever happened to the posters in my thread? get back there ppl, nothing to see here! :p