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The Greatest Southpaw?


International Coach
great article thanks! for me the greatest southpaw is lara but pollock is definitely in the conversation...


International Regular
Wonderful read. So very sad that South Africa had to be isolated, but nothing compared to the injustices in the country at the time of course. For me, Sobers will always be the greatest leftie, would’ve been wonderful to see a full test career from Pollock, would have been a close debate I’m sure.


International Coach
IIRC Bradman considered G Pollock and Sobers equals and contenders for greatest left handed batsman.

Pap Finn Keighl

First Class Debutant
Ian Chappell rates Pollock 2nd best best batsman he has seen. Slightly below Sobers. ( Not sure if Sachin and Lara included.. at the time he said this. )


State Regular
The big loss to cricket was not getting to see him play in ODIs. As good as he was in 5 day, he was clearly better suited to LOs. Might have given Viv a run for his money as the king of early ODI cricket- averaged over 50 to Vivs 42 in LA, despite the fact that he only played the format from his late twenties to his mid forties


Typical sterling work, sir. A worthy addition to an already impressive oeuvre.

Fred's comment about the great man being essentially right-handed despite wielding the willow in the sinister fashion did get me thinking though: how many of the great and good lefties are actually right handed? I suppose bowling style gives us a clue, so that means Lara, Hayden, Gower, Harvey & Gilchrist were all faux cack-handers but Border and Sobers were the real McCoy.