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The Game of Thrones Spoilers Thread (Book and TV show spoilers/comparisons)


Not Terrible
What a ****ing episode. Kings Landing storyline that dragged on forever so deftly and somewhat shockingly resolved, I didn't think the Tyrells would die until it happened. Also makes the Dorne-Tyrell alliance seem so natural. Lana Heady ****ing killed it. The score was so ****ing good throughout the wildfire plot and the crowning. Cersei in the show is just so much more compelling than the books. RIP Tommem.

We got so many confirmations, **** yeah moments and bookends to satisfy us:
Jon is definitely Lyannas son, bringing the list of possible fathers down to Rhaegar and Robert.
Daario is staying behind wrapping up Danerys horrid romantic subplots and leaving Mereen in somewhat better state than they left it.
King of the North!
Frey Pie
Aryas story relevant!!!
Hand of the Queen
Davos confronting Mel
The Citadel
Winter has come
The Dragons are heading to Westeros
Bran is heading south again
That Septa is getting hers
The children with their pointy knives scene happened!

And something I'm just weirdly pleased about

Manderley was there! Yaaaay

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
He can't be Robert's since the Kingsguard were protecting him. Which is why I think he is true born and not Rhaegar's bastard.

I think Dany will be killed off....she can't have children and so no heir to carry on. Jon will rule as King of the 7 kingdoms


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The music for the scenes in Kings Landing was brilliant. Favourite part of the episode.


International Captain
The music for the scenes in Kings Landing was brilliant. Favourite part of the episode.
Recommend Ramin Djawadi's soundtracks as a whole, they're really gorgeous. That King's Landing stuff might be the best he's done on the show.