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The Future of CW Tennis


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With Nick having indicated that this could be the last tournament coming up, I just wondered what other people's feelings are about this? I've done some of the write-ups before, but haven't helped him out in a while, but would do so to help ensure it continues.

I think the most frustrating thing has been the lack of numbers we've had despite the quality work & detail that he puts in. I'm wondering if it might be worth transferring the sim over to CricSim to get more uptake. Not sure how possible this would be, but the Tennis Sim over there is dead, and there's a lot of people who'd join in. Obviously it'd be pointless if the members here didn't transfer too - I'd hate to see the end of the Mustard/Davis doubles pairing, for example, but I'm guessing the key members here - Smith, Vimes, Kyle, Clapo etc. wouldn't be too keen on that.

Anyway, would just appreciate other's views on how we can keep this going.


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What's CricSim?
A website Cribb runs that's pretty much a copy of the old Dev League...

...In that it's supposed to be a cricket simulator, but doesn't actually simulate any cricket... But it does occasionally have other sports simulated - Rugby, League, Soccer etc.

SirBloody Idiot

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Yeah, I'm not all too keen to shift this over to Cricsim.

I'll take a little break after Roland Garros and we'll see how we go from there. I do actually enjoy doing this and have continued on after being pretty much certain it was done a couple of times before (Wimbledon season I and then that awful indoor hard stretch between Nixonstown and the end of the season).


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Better moderated though ;)

Seriously though, it would be good to keep this going in some way - given the death of the Dev League, and the daily hand-wringing that goes on in Forum Discussion; this is one of the only areas left here of harmless amusement.