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The Final Season


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It is with much sadness that I confirm that the current season of World Club Cricket will be the last. When I took over control again I always had a plan to put in for three seasons and then re-asses where the game was going, based on feedback from all the managers that I recieved a few months ago I was positive about the direction however it has become obvious that the game will not evolve into anything more than it is now.

I have had a great time not just over the last year and a half; but since 2002 when I first became involved. WCC set the standard for what was expected of an online simulation on Cricketweb and I'm proud of the enjoyment that so many people have gotten from it. It has been a lot of hard work running it by myself in recent times, as has been mentioned by other guys to have run it in the past it's almost like having a second full-time job, I have to thank Luffy for the times he's helped out and a few of the other guys such as Stephen and Kyle who have also been good for the odd suggestion or two.

There are a number of major factors as to why I am calling the end to it now, first and foremost I'm getting married next year and I'm also likely to be getting a promotion at work so I'll be working longer and harder hours. While I feel i could commit to another season I think there has been a bit of a lull lately and it seems the right time. Also the growth of games like From the Pavilion and Batrick has meant that a game like WCC has become redunant, you only have to look at sims like ICC or Cricket Coach and you can see why WCC has struggled to attract new members. With those sorts of games there are instant results and constant interaction, something that WCC has always strived for but never been able to deliver.

Thanks to all the managers who have put in over the past three seasons, I hope you have enjoyed the game and will stick around for the final few weeks of the season, most teams still have something to play for and a final WCC trohpy would be a good ending.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Sad to hear, but very grateful for all the time and work you've put into this, and I know how consuming it can be to try and run as I tried once before and didn't even get a season started. So thank you! :)

Just wish there was an easier way to do the stats between seasons as that takes most time.


Despite me being pretty non-commital to the whole thing I'll be sad to see it go. Thanks for the effort Simon, really enjoyed the latest incarnation of WCC.

Bets on someone taking over yet again? Tenner on Goff ftr.


Cricketer Of The Year
You just lost a tenner :D

Although its sad to see it go i really think its the best decision....

Top effort Si, totally understand the decision... CW wont be the same without it, we've been here in some form almost since day 1...

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I regret never getting involved in this, TBH. I had a team lined up at one point, but the season I was set to be involved in never ended up happening so I never got to "play", as such. I always planned on making it known I'd be interested in joining again but I just never got around to it.

Iconic part of CW in a way; sad to see it finishing up. Something tells me it'll actually stay dead this time which would be a shame, IMO.


International Debutant
Yeah, only been involved for a small time but it was fun. Thanks for all the work you did with it. Was a blast.


Cricket Web Content Updater
Very sad to see this not continue on, but definitely know that its bloody time consuming so really appreciate the effort you've put into this for a long time.

Hope the wedding and other things go your way, all the best with that Simon.


International Regular
:(. Agree with everybody here. Very sad to see it go. Glad to have been a part of it in it's final season. Gotta say thanks to Simon for the amount of effort put in to make this season as good as it has been. Thanks, mate!

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Agree with a lot of the sentiments that have been expressed in this thread. WCC brought me to this forum, and I have been a consistent manager throughout all of its incarnations. I will be desperately sad to see it go.

I'd like to thank Simon for all his hard work, this was always going to be the last chance for WCC to survive and I think Simon has done a great job the past three seasons. I'm bitterly disappointed to see it go, but I can understand the reasons.

I may try to do something similar to WCC, but obviously not as detailed. I'll give more information over the weekend to see if there is any interest.


Hall of Fame Member
First of all thanks for all the effect you put into the game in the last couple seasons, Simon. It will be sad to see WCC go, but it has been going through the motions for a while.


International Captain
Whilst I haven't been a manager for very long, WCC was an integral part to CW for me and I know that lots of the other managers would feel the same way.

Simon, the work you have put in it is outstanding, and everyone should be grateful to you, as everyone knows how time consuming it would be.

Thanks again mate.


Cricket Web Owner
Sorry to see this go. Simon and Brendon have certainly put a lot of work into it over the years and deserve a lot of thanks from the people who have taken a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Hopefully it can go out in style :)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
A CW institution. I obviously haven't really been involved in it for the last few years, but I loved my Mashonaland team back when I signed up. It's been a great, and often thankless, effort from those running it, and it's sad to see it go.