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The Cricket Web Podcast #33 - I Just Wanna Talk About Vernon Philander


International Debutant
Appreciate you doing more of these now that there's a fair bit of cricket going on.

Also, I really need to find some more original praise than 'enjoyed listening to this' :)


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Howe being annoyed by Indian posters' gambhiring became very amusing to listen to after seeing him say he was "worried" when SA were 4 down with 220 to get :p

Great show as always. Keep them coming.


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Had a decent laugh at the talking up of Bangladesh's chances later this month by all concerned.


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That's why I put these predictions out there. You don't equivocate beforehand then try to make out you knew what was going to happen. If you have an opinion, put it out there. If Australia successfully supplants the ultimate disgrace of last year's loss to SL by losing to the Bangers this month, then so be it. Not much I can do about it from over here. If things get a bit tense, I'll start Gambhiring in the thread at a rate of about 30 posts per page, because that's what all the cool kids do these days.