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The Craig McDermott tapes

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
The finish to the Second Ashes Test brought to my mind something that happened a few years ago that I've thought about from time to time.
In the early 90's Australia need around 180 to win a match against the West Indies and Craig McDermott came in last with 40 odd needed. He and his partner got to within one run when McDermott was out. All we saw in the UK was the ball being bowled and the West Indies fielders running gleefully off the field. The umpire didn't seem to made have any decision when the Windies players were already jumping about on each other. It was certainly a faint glove if it hit anything and I've wondered if the TV or radio in Australia made anything of it at the time or if anyone has since actually asked Craig McDermott whether or not he hit it.


First Class Debutant
They made a big hoo ha about it here for a little while in the papers and magazines. Craig McDermott in a magazine interview said he didn't hit it, it hit his helmet visor. I have watched countless replays and I agree with him. Allan Border didn't make much of it at all but you could see he thought it was not out. The image of him throwing his worry ball into the ground in the players viewing area just shows his frustration at getting so close against the Windies, yet so far....

archie mac

International Coach
It was a bit like last nights game, I was watching it at the pub by myself, as things started to become close more and more people sat down to watch, until there was a great feeling of expectation, then a moan and nothing.

I thought McDermott was out to be honest, although it was very close.

Why do the Aussies always lose the close ones? These two games, 1982/83 there was one against Sth Afr at the SCG 6 runs I think, lost to Pakistan by one Wicket. Why, why. :@