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The Bresnan Cinematic Universe


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Mayank Agarwal, Hashim Amla, Ian Bell, Joe Burns, Stephen Cook, Ajinkya Rahane

Johnny Bairstow, Matthew Wade

Moeen Ali, Ravichandran Ashwin, Tim Bresnan, Ryan McLaren

Ashutosh Aman, James Anderson, Shannon Gabriel, Toby Roland-Jones

Manager, coach, selector, media representative and selector:
JHF Howe




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Trial XI

1. Mayank Agarwal
2. Joe Burns
3. Stephen Cook
4. Ian Bell
5. Ajinkya Rahane
6. Matthew Wade
7. Moeen Ali
8. Ravi Ashwin
9. Tim Bresnan
10. Toby Roland-Jones
11. Shannon Gabriel
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Care cup report:

Name		Batting	Bowling
Cook 		77.5
Agarwal 	59.25
Amla 		18
Burns 		39.5
Bell 		42.25
Rahane		14
YJB		43
Wade		55
Ali 		76.75	24.14
Ashwin		13.5	13
Bresnan		28	27.5
McLaren		22	52
Anderson		6.2
Gabriel			23.3
TRJ			13.2
Empty care cup: Hashim Amla, Ajinkya Rahane, Ryan McLaren

Full care cup: Stephen Cook, Mayank Agarwal, Tim, Anderson, Gabriel

Extremely full, borderline overflowing care cup: Moeen Ali

Main season starting XI:

1. Stephen Cook
2. Mayank Agarwal
3. Hashim Amla
4. Joe Burns
5. Ian Bell
6. Jonny Bairstow
7. Moeen Ali
8. Ravichandran Ashwin
9. Tim Bresnan
10. James Anderson
11. Shannon Gabriel
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Prince EWS

Global Moderator
You do still all get two more trials after the Care Cup. It wouldn't surprise me if Rahane forced his way in through those.