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The best moment you have seen live

Warne is god

U19 12th Man
This is a thread to discuss the best/favourite moment in cricket you've seen, the moment which has most made you jump to your feet and scream out GO <insert country name>. actually at the ground not on replay or anything. Mines the Vic v. NSW tie and Harvey running out Ganguly earlier this year
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International Debutant
Well on TV two stand out , Donald being run out in the 1999 WC semi final , and Steve Waugh's last ball hundred last year.

At the ground Bevo's 102* against New Zealand in 2001/02 at the G after we were 6-82.
The atmosphere there was amazing.


International Captain
Pakistan vs Australia
Carlton & United triangular series In Australia
Pakistan needing 8 of 2 balls . Steve waugh bowling . AAqib Javed and Asif Mujtaba on strike , AAqib on strike takes a single .
Mujtaba on strike . 1 BALL & 7 needed. Waugh bowls . Its a full toss but on the offside . Mujtaba gives a full swing . Ball out of the ground . Mach tied out of nowhere .


Virat Kohli (c)
Sehwag's 195 at Melbourne on Boxing Day last year. When he hit the 6 to get to 195 I was on my feet. Then Katich gives him a full toss, he swings it and I got up thinking it was another 6 for his 200, unfortunately he was caught.

None the less I loved that knock, my favourite I have seen live.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
No doubt the WC 99 semi final SA v AUS

Others include India beating England in the 99 WC after we came back the next day. :D

The princess Diana charity match where Sachin Tendulkar scored a brilliant hundred.

Worst was the WC 99 game IND v ZIM.

I actually had 2 tickets for the 99 WC final and sold them for around £370 each to some Pakistani, he must of had a good time :lol:


State Vice-Captain
One of my fav moments is wen pakistan needed 1 run of f 1 ball with 1wicket in hand against india.Waqar and saqlain in. saqlain swings and misses. but wait waqar's already up the other end and saqlain legs it and he gets home, just. wat a roar in pakistan. did any1 else see it?


International Captain
Chris Gayle and Wavell Hinds' batting
India vs. West Indies
At Baroda
In November 2002.

Watchin it live, it looked something out of the extraordinary.


State Regular
Starting with the most recent...Arvinda Desilva's Flick of his toes off brett Lee During WC 2003......Awsome stuff.:O anybody remember that

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Mark Ramprakash scored a good hundred at the Oval in 2001.

Still, the most entertaining live cricket moment that I remember is during the 2003 WI/Aus Test series. Stuart MacGill was fielding on the third man boundary right in front of where I was sitting. There were about 10 Aussies decked in gold and green (downing Carib and Pepsi) sitting down on either side of my seat. They kept yelling out at MacGill "Stuuuuueeeey", "Stumeister" and "MacmacmacmacGeeel". Stuart MacGill obviously heard then and his expressions were priceless.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Saqlain clean-bowling Gilchrist as he walked down the track to attempt to add to his already extrovertly large, very fast innings.
Trent Bridge, 2001, NatWest Series.
Also Cork taking the final wicket (King, 54ao) and hitting the winning runs at Lord's in 2000.
Unforgettable game and obscure moment but such an important one for one of those strange reasons.


Cricket Web Staff Member
And I might add Stewart bringing-up his century (final one in Tests) at Old Trafford in 2002.
So much pressure on such a fantastic player, so little justification in that pressure, so many fools proven wrong.
Very, very special.


International Regular
Haven't seen masses of live cricket but most recently gayle's century off 79 balls with an injured leg. He went to 90 off about 60 balls then slowed down. Was just good seeing pollock and especially nel flayed absolutely everywhere. No feet used by gayle, all hand-eye, great stuff.
Then in the same test dwayne smith hit a run-a-ball century, not bad going on debut!


State Regular
India beating Eng in the NW series and later on trashing them in the WC is something i can't forget:D .

Also India making a mockery of the so called "Mighty Pak pace attack" in the WC '03:lol:


U19 Debutant
Choora said:
India beating Eng in the NW series and later on trashing them in the WC is something i can't forget:D .

Also India making a mockery of the so called "Mighty Pak pace attack" in the WC '03:lol:
It was still better then Indias weak attack
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Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
imranrabb said:
It was still better then Indias weak attack and the pak attack will always be better then India
No such thing as "always"...

And I think that India's was more than a little bit better during WC'03 - until Saurav told Adam & Matt to pad up, however..