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The Australian politics thread


International Coach
Quote from a blog which I agree with. All I have to say, as a Liberal voter, is we told you so:

The Rudd government do not have to touch the fiscal year to have an influence on our economy.They have already done this through job destroying legislation and by reducing business confidence to the lowest level for 15 years.

I won’t bore the readers by publishing the stats’ which I have done on numerous occasions comparing the Previous Labor Government’s performance with the performance of the Howard Government which clearly show the people did a lot better under the latter. However if you have missed these figures let me know and I will furnish you with them.

So to the current situation. Interest rates are largely governed by the rate of inflation. When the Howard Government lost office the inflation rate was 2.8%, it is currently 4.8%, contrary to the figures which have been furnished to the media. variable mortgage interest rates were 7.8%, currently 9.47. Since the Rudd Government came to power we have had 2 official cash rate increases plus 2 through the banks moving independently to the R.B.A. Total increase 1.67%. Mr Costello was always able to control the banks. This was made clear by the C.E.O. of the A.N.Z. bank. Under the Howard government the banks never moved independently to the R.B.A. or increased their rates by more than the official cash rate increase.

If Mr Costello over a period of 11.5 years managed to keep inflation at an annual average of 2.5%, and interest rates at an average of 7.20% in spite of 3 serious economic global down turns and perhaps the worst drought in history, it would be ludicrous to suggest he would have sat on his hands and done nothing about the current situation. He certainly would not have increased the federal tax on diesel fuel and allowed hefty increases in registration fees on heavy transport vehicles. Both of these measures are highly inflationary.


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That's horrid, putrid crap though. Inflation's been running progressively higher for about 2 years. Notice how the poster says what Costello averaged over his term - smacks of the desperate stats rolled out by the Laborites towards the end in 1996 - unemployment's high, but overall we've created X number of new jobs.

Does the writer seriously suggest the previous government didn't run around fuelling domestic demand with profligate tax cuts (which Labor have mirrored btw) over the past few years, telling people all is well, and you can have what you want, and never mind it's all on credit?

Surely a big part of the current inflationary cycle is capacity constraints in the economy? It takes ages to sort that stuff out. Instead of laying in a hammock while a rainbow not of his making hit him in the arse for 11 years, why didn't Costello take greater steps to improve infrastructure and productivity within the economy?

Anyway, been to Canberra this weekend (disappointed not to have been invited last weekend, but there you go). And all I can say is that it's a great country when you can go to your capital city's national parliament and your kids can roll down the grassed roof thereof.

Also found out that Bill Bryson was right in his book on Australia - you go to Parliament House where they take a harmless pocket knife off you, before directing you to the cafe where 5 minutes later you are slicing up a scone with a knife three times as big and half as sharp again as the one you handed in.

Only in Australia.


World Traveller
See the Chasers boys got left off for their stunt last year at APEC. I wasn't in Australia so I didn't know quite what happened.


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They're lawyers so it's no surprise they knew what they were doing. They didn't actually break any laws per se, just push some to the limit.


Cricketer Of The Year
Didn't say anything other than the occasional, "well bowled"

Had a beer after the game though, despite Wikipedia saying that he's declared himself teetotal. Might give ACA a call.