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The American Politics thread


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it's not just lessons from one country tbh. from what i understand, rural and urban rich boi australia swings right and the americans...yea

the poms i have nfi and am not in a position to remark on their voter trends.

also there's loads of true tories in the nz right. one is the current leader. john key isn't representative of them and his personal views probably lean libertarian based on what he has said but he was rich and white enough (and said just enough right things ha haaaa) to keep them onside. plus he won a lot.
It's a source of eternal frustration here that rural voters continue to vote National Party (the junior Tory coalition Party, for those playing overseas, formerly called the Country Party) when despite decade of them being in power, farmers still say they have it really bad and the regional areas get nothing. Moreover, the Nats really care more about miners than farmers these days and also back the big corporates over issues like water theft. A terribly, overtly corrupt Party in every sense.

About the only good thing which a Nat has ever done was being the butt of the following joke in the House of Reps:

Nat MP, ranting in the late 1960s/ early 1970s: "I'm a Country Member!"
Gough Whitlam: "I remember."


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Yeah, didn't seem like black voters loved her much. But I guess Biden is counting on himself to get the black vote. Not sure what she brings to the table outside of California (which you say was already in the dem bag).
It's just acknowledgment about the diversity of the Democratic party without having to do anything policy-wise.