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The American Politics thread


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Well for an unbiased view of the election I'm following Donald Trump, apparently Obama's supporters are threatening people with guns, China is behind global-warming myths, and machines are fixing it for Obama to win instead of Romney. Oh and Katrina was much betterly handled than Sandy, god bless people born in America and not Kenya.

Not sure why that shirt is on sale though:(
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guess that explains why romney thought PA was back in contention

Communist, you're all marxist propagandist, probably members of the filthy liberal press, oh and your just thick demo zombies for not believing every piece of skewed GOP propaganda, you'd vote for Hitler if he was black and muslim and born in Kenya, which admittedly seems unlikely, but anyway Romney/Ryan all the way.:cool:


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In PA. Just voted. I was the only one in the polling place an hour before they close...

Never seen it like that. Would be interested to see what turnout is like this year. Definitely down form 2008 I think but not sure compared to 2004.


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Am I the only one a bit unimpressed with Nate Silver's unwillingness to publish his methods?


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obama up 3% in FL, 24% of the vote.

and then he was up 3% with 28%

then up 1% with 29%


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CNN has Obama up 54-45 in Ohio. Only 1% of the vote counted so plenty can change, but the Democrats should be pretty happy with that so far.


Electoral Vote Running Count:
CNN 64-40 Obama.
FOX 78-71 Obama.
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Scaly piscine

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Been pretty much following this on the odds checker, with a Prisoner Cell Block H DVD on in the background.

Looking good that the forces of evil are going to be defeated anyway. Obama going from 3/4 to 1 odds on favourite to basically now 1/15 and 1/20 type odds.