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The African News and Politics Thread


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That second one is so true. It's the reason the EFF has come up - as nuts as they are, they're promising a hopeful future to those who would benefit their radical socialist policies. Which is why they're getting the votes.

ANC also tends to run on "We got you out of apartheid, and now we're going to continue to move things forward."

They're both awful but they're both clearly doing something right with their marketing if you look at the polls; the DA is doing the opposite.


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They're both awful but they're both clearly doing something right with their marketing if you look at the polls; the DA is doing the opposite.
The DA is still trotting out the line "Stop the ANC" (which sometimes includes the EFF as well), and that's not a particularly compelling reason to vote for them. Admittedly, I have started to see posters here in Cape Town promising things like a railway system that works and better policing, but that's what they should have gone with in the first place rather than the anti-ANC rhetoric.

I also think they should have done more damage control around mishandling of both the water crisis and Patricia de Lille. as I don't think anybody knows just what the fallout is going to be. It almost seems like they're thinking that what happened at a municipal level doesn't matter all that much because these are provincial and national elections, but if that's the case then they've been horribly misguided as the average voter isn't going to draw too much of a distinction between the different levels of government - what the DA has done while running Cape Town will have an impact.


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The biggest surge in fatalities from attacks on civilians was in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, despite the deployment of thousands of Western and United Nations troops to try to contain the violence.

Attacks have hardened existing rivalries between ethnic groups, especially herders and farmers, leading to a series of tit-for-tat reprisals.

In Mali, ACLED documented 547 fatalities in attacks on civilians in the last five months, a more than fourfold increase on the same period a year earlier. In Niger, it documented a five fold increase, with 78 reported fatalities.

And Burkina Faso, which had previously been known for its stability in a troubled region, suffered 499 fatalities from attacks on civilians, a more than 7,000 percent jump.

The Sahel also includes Mauritania, Nigeria, Chad, and Sudan.


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I am glad that the protest continue but I hope it gets a desired result.

Long-time President Omar al-Bashir was overthrown and arrested on Thursday after months of street protests. But demonstrators say the military council which has taken power is part of the same regime.

The fresh stand-off has raised fears of a violent confrontation between protesters and the army. There is also a real danger that different elements of the security forces and militia could turn their guns on each other, says BBC World Service Africa editor Will Ross.


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