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Test runs draft -Team XI's total sum of test runs must not exceed 30k(negotiable AF)


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Okay so we may as well complete the trifecta, we've done averages, high scores, now test runs. I have no clue as to a good number for this one tbh, I dunno if 30,000 is way too big or way too small, like i know it's an okay ballpark figure but that's it. need help refining this number guys. Kinda want it like the HS draft where people have to be clever/stingey with their drafting, but I don't want it to be so ridiculous that we can't indulge in a few quality players here and there

but yeah for the other rules it'l be the same as the high score one(which is nearly finished), 10 hours between picks, no Bradman and I feel 12-15 players is fine

sign up and give your 2 cents on what number we should use as the total run balance


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and after a little bit of thought I already think it might be a little too high but i'm really unsure. I was a little thrown off when deciding by the fact many of the best players who have played 100+ tests would always have racked up a decent amount of runs but there are plenty of good players who didn't play 100 tests.

So maybe it should be lowered to 25k for starters
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actually you know what 30,000 is a fine number. that's just under 3000 per player and there isn't that many ATG batsmen who didn't score at least that many runs


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Yeah we can. Punishment is you have to randomise round 1, I'm on my phone.

Also can everyone just tally their own balances this time. It's too much now at 5 figures for me to quickly calculate in my head


International Coach
Since nobody else had done this at MrMr request and to get this going. ...

Round 1
a massive zebra
Shady Slim
The Battlers Prince


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thanks stphn!

so 30,000 runs per entrant to play with. 10 hour per pick, 20 hours for honestb as he didn't know when we were starting etc etc, no Bradman

And please tally your own remaining balances and put them at the bottom of every selection you make! This might seem like a pain in the ass but I honestly can't see myself having the time to tally 14 names at once every round, it took half an hour to do it each time in the last thread and this one has even bigger numbers

will still happy post the big updates with players chosen and balances remaining en masse but if i just have to copy and paste player's own balances it's so much easier than having to do the subtractions myself :)
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