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Taboo Draft


International Coach
An all-time Test draft where each successive pick cannot be a player of the same type as the two previous picks.

Say if participant A picks a fast bowler and participant B picks a spin bowler, then participant C cannot pick either a fast bowler or spin bowler. If he then picks a batsman, participant D cannot then pick either a spin bowler or batsman.

12 rounds. Alternate rounds will be randomised.

12 hour window per pick. If a person is skipped, when they log on, they just use the original two picks they had to avoid anyway.

There will be five categories of players:

All-rounders - At least 2 wickets per match AND batting average of 27 and above.

Pace-bowlers - At least 2 wickets per match AND batting average below 27.

Spin-bowlers - At least 2 wickets per match AND batting average below 27.

Wicket-keepers - Should have kept wicket for at least half the number matches they have played.

Batsmen - Should not fit into any of the above categories.

Players listed as both pacers and spinners in their cricinfo profiles can qualify as either pacers or spinners for purposes of selection, and qualify as both for purposes of restriction (for participants immediately down the line).

Points of contention:

1) The WPM critereon - 2 keeps Kallis out of the all-rounder category, 1.8 keeps him in, but makes calculations tougher for sorting through borderline players.

2) Bradman is taboo. What about Sobers?
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Hall of Fame Member
12 rounds at most. Fine with 11 too.

The challenge is balancing your team. Having 13 makes it easier.


International Debutant
Yeah, Bradman is banned. What about Sobers?
I really think Sobers should be left in. He's not so far in front that the luck of the draw immediately gives the 1st in the order an incredible advantage, which is the case with Bradman.