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T20 Auction Draft


Cricketer Of The Year
A sim would have been great for this but since none has been suggested I guess we don't have that capability available amongst the group?
I do not know how to sim and hence, suggested voting. Is there anyone who knows how to sim? If there is no favorable response, in the next few hours, I will open up voting threads for the quarterfinal match-ups.


International Vice-Captain
Planned overs bowled in brackets

Alex Hales
Jason Roy
Kane Williamson
Everton Weekes
Marcus Trescothick (wk)
Mike Procter (9, 15)
Imran Khan (10, 12, 16)
Richard Hadlee (1, 3, 5, 14)
Wasim Akram (2, 7, 17, 19)
Joel Garner (4, 6, 18, 20)
Muttiah Muralitharan (8, 11, 13)


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Franchise owners, so now that the auction is done, the main event has started.

While few of the Indian and Aussie players have gone away to play the test series, all other players are here in this rich, huge league with the quarterfinals starting today.

All team lists are out and we now await the results of the votes to see who gets to the semi-finals.

@Teuton @honestbharani @AndyZaltzHair @ataraxia @Line and Length @Michaelf7777777 @JOJOXI @Himannv @anil1405 @trundler @Red_Ink_Squid @ankitj @kingkallis @SillyCowCorner1 @AndrewB @BoyBrumby

Please vote for the 4 semifinalists in the voting threads of this grand T20 league.


Cricketer Of The Year
So, the results are out and we have the 4 semifinalists.

QF1 : Ataraxia 8 vs AZH 3 - It was almost Ataraxia's batting vs AZH's bowling and with a flat track, Ataraxia's batsmen made hay.

QF2: JOJOXI 11 vs Honest Hunks 0 - A smashing win for the JOJOs

QF3: Michael 10 vs Living Legends 1 - With great pacers, Michael swung the match in his favor with L&L's strong array of spinners not able to get them through

QF4: Teuton 6 vs Himannv 2 - A comparatively low scoring match compared to the other quarterfinals with Teuton edging ahead through a triple spin attack

There has been commotion in the losing franchises with news coming in that one of the franchise have sacked their coach. We are sure that they will all come back with renewed vigor and a further strengthened team next year.

The semi-finals start today and we wait eagerly on who gets to the finals.


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Breaking News:
The draft league chairman has got news that through sheer coincidence, one pacer who played in the quarterfinal in each semifinalist franchise is carrying a niggle and will not play in the semi-finals.

The Indian and Aussie players are back from the test series which should help the franchises.

With the semi-finals starting today, we will be eager to see a slightly changed line-up in the semis from each franchise. The semifinals will also have a shortened duration of just 2 days with the final scheduled on Friday evening.