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Sussex swoop for spinner Saqlain


U19 Cricketer
Surely he wont play for england will he?
He is still only 30 and can still make a comeback for pakistan if he wants

County champions Sussex have signed former Pakistan off-spinner Saqlain Mushtaq on a two-year contract.

The 30-year-old, beset by injury since 2004, married an English woman and can apply for a British passport in April.

He could then play as an EU qualified player, but will initially deputise for both compatriots Mushtaq Ahmed and Rana Naved, who will be at the World Cup.

"The option of two Mushtaqs bowling in tandem is a mouth-watering prospect," said Sussex head coach Mark Robinson.

Under the peculiarities of international rules, Saqlain, who played county cricket for Surrey between 1997-2004 and also turned out for the club against Bangladesh A in 2005, would be eligible to play for England in 2008.

Sussex captain Chris Adams was particularly pleased with the new addition to his bowling attack.

"This is a very exciting signing indeed," he enthused. "The last time I felt this excited about bringing a player to the club is when we signed Mushtaq Ahmed.

"If Saqlain can emulate even half of what Mushtaq has achieved, then not only will we have allowed him to rediscover his form and presumably his happiness with his game and his cricket, but I am certain that if that's the case the England selectors will be watching very closely."

Saqlain enjoyed rapid success with Pakistan in both forms of the international game, becoming the fastest to reach the 100 ODI wicket landmark.

He captured 288 wickets, including a hat-trick, but played the last of his 169 one-day internationals in 2003.

"I am very much looking forward to at least the next two years with Sussex with great ambition and determination having spent the majority of the last three years out of the game," he said.


Hall of Fame Member
Leaving the potential England issue to one side, its a very good signing for Sussex. Especially when he will be able to play on an EU passport.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
Saqqy and Monty together, I like the sound of that. Not that it will ever happen in a million years, mind, but it's a nice thought.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'd love to see Saqlain at international level again, he's always been one of my favourite players.


International Captain
I heard from here and there that he also had some problems with the current captain of Pak and the captain doesn't like him very much !
Now it's not like I always try to blame I*** for every thing . Just a matter of speach anyways !!!!


Cricket Web Staff Member
I'm truly astounded he seems to have been not remotely considered for Pakistan of late, in either game-form, given that he's apparently been fully-fit for near enough 2 years now.

Pup Clarke

International Captain
Yep,quality spin bowler still I imagine and he and Mushy could take loads of wickets together bowling in tandem.Really good acquisation for Sussex.


Global Moderator
Yup, the prospect of having Saqlain and Mushy bowling for Sussex is an exciting one. Dieing to fly over to watch a match tbh.


U19 Cricketer
if he gets a chance i dont mind if he plays for England...as a pakistani i will be happy for another pakistani doing what he loves most even if its for another country


Although his age should be taken with a grain of salt IMO.
Quite. he's officially younger than me but looks about ten years older & I ain't exactly Dorian Gray myself...

Slightly surprising move for mine; he was an undoubted class act but was very average for Ireland over here last year.

The Baconator

International Vice-Captain
That who it is? Thought it was just some random dude.

And Rodgie, he won't play for us most likely, I think it's generally accepted he isn't the player he was.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Although his age should be taken with a grain of salt IMO.
Quite. he's officially younger than me but looks about ten years older & I ain't exactly Dorian Gray myself...
Well looks can be deceiving.

I mean, Todd Martin, Andy Caddick and Jonathan Edwards all looked about 40 in their late 20s, and Steven Simonsen looked about 50 at 20. Greying\losing hair are a great thing to make one look older than his years. As is Saqqie's beard.

Saqqie might be a bit older than his birth-certificate - many Pakistanis apparently are, but even so. I'd reckon 32 or 33 at best.