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Suggestions for improving Cricket Web


International Captain
You should be fine for the rest of the game as presumably it only works on new messages and not replies? That’s how the old 2 minute limit was anyway.
Yeah it seems ok for replying, it was just sending out the initial PMs yesterday that took forever. (Fortunately I don't have much going on so got it all done anyway.)


Whatever it takes!!!
This was done to try and prevent the spammers going over-board and filling up the forum with spam. It seems to have worked.

I'll see if I can figure out a way around this for existing members.
RIS spams mafia the way Joe Root spams test runs.


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Is it possible to have a stripped down theme for CW where avatars are hidden?

I want to browse at work but there are people around. Would buy a privacy screen but it seems suss.


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i tried, currently 2 weeks into a new role at a late stage startup

we're all crammed in an office in some industrial area and i can smell the breath of the dude next to me

boss says we're in 'hYpeR Gr0wTh' so strongly encouraged to come in to office everyday

they're doing well tho so hope the equity turns into something