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Stop the presses: AX–W have reached the round of 16. It was their 3rd consecutive Cup surprise victory and 3rd consecutive O'Callaghan masterpiece. 2 wickets, 1 wicket, 10 runs. Phenomenal.


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@cnerd123 that was a good rematch between ZCC and TMOs! Thanks for the game.
Couple of stunning innings from Davidson and Younis! Fun match to follow

I'd like to play another at your home turf eventually - I was meant to try out Amin Amin in the last game but didn't get around to setting orders. Wouldn't have impacted the result I think, I just wanted to see how he went in senior cricket in green conditions


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Todays game is a good example of my feelings around stumped. For reasons last week, I put out a weaker team in the TNT Dev and ended up winning a game I should have not. Today I played my full strength dev team, that easily out-rates my opponents, and TNT is not just going to loose but be absolutely trounced. I should not have won last week I got lucky, now this week everything goes against the numbers and I lose. On avg I have won and lost a game in two extreme ways that provides an 'avg result'.

Now the reasons I have mixed feelings for this is that it is an example of poor application of the statistics of "regression towards the mean". Regression to mean is an often misunderstood statistical theory, where if rolling two 6 sided dice (as an example) on avg you should get 7. If you get three doubles ones, it does not mean that you should throw three double 6s to create an avg balance. It means that you should eventually go back to rolling the expected 7s more often. It would be consistently anomalous if it created an avg effect by having extremes on both sides consistently. Unless of course the dice was loaded.

And this is my feelings about stumped, there feels like a loaded dice in background to balance the system out, rather than the statistics having anomalous results on occasion before reverting back to the norm.

I’m just using this as an example… I’m not trying to say I’ve done a detailed analysis. It’s just what I tend to observe occurring more frequently than I would expect.
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Gave the kiddies a shot at T20 at the expense of my low ceiling-high floor veterans. They lost against a user team. Collapsed from 70 odd for 3 to 105 all out chasing 147.


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I’m at a point in this game where I don’t even care about results of a friendly league match. I used to be so invested, but sadly, my teams suck and I am letting them do their thing.

On the other hand, I am very much competitive with actual games that will have an impact on my players and teams.
Yesterday, Mooo beat a team rated higher than them comprehensively.


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I'm still kinda invested in CWC9. However, ZCC may have gutted their chances at the Plate completely, because we've transfer listed Ewen Rockall

42/48 21 year old 'Effort Bowler' RFM capable of hitting 149.7 clicks. Good prospect, but ZCC management have decided to persist with Sampath Ramalingam for the coming season, given the high probability that we'll survive in T20 Div 1.1 and his impact in making that happen.

Hopefully his sale fetches a bit more than the $3k that he's currently getting. He'll age out of Dev cricket in a few weeks, just in time for the new season, so ideal for any team looking forward to a rebuild.

FHK are in an interesting position at the moment. In a relegation battle in T20 Div 1.1, but a promotion battle in SOD Div 2.1. May not promote out of Dev Div 3.6 because of another human team in the league who beat our CWC9 XI by 21 runs in a high scoring thriller. The squad is a bit bloated with a few player staying on specifically to help us win must-win games. The management is thinking about reducing the squad to ensure more competitive game time for each fringe player, but the challenge is identifying the players to invest it, and the gap in skill between the next gen and the best XI.


International Vice-Captain
Yeah having had that experience in some of recent CWC comps it is tough when your side is often losing although always see my sides as potential party-poopers.