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Finally, for the day we have Jura CC tackling the Wearside Lankans in R-5 of the Stumped Cup

Jura are batting first and they are 113/4 in the 25th over. Soldout crowd. Pitch and conditions look great for batting.


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In hopes of accelerating before the 40th over, Jura CC are losing their wickets in heaps. They might get bowled out before the 40th over and not reach 200 in the process.


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Not going good for Jura CC, they desperately need a wicket. Wearside Lankans are 73 without loss after 18 overs. The required rate is 4.13

Wickets...in heaps please


U19 12th Man
Been a rough couple of days however was able to watch the games today and make a team for round 19 .

1 Tong Ying-kit (Free HK) 60(43)
2 Rusty Frost (ataraXia) 78(48)
3 Raun Shkorer (ZCC) 43(28)
4 Nathan Picton (AW) 93*(50)
5 Nemil Palathingal (Jura) 74(52)
6 Richard Ramsey (Jura)(wk) 76(33) +1 Catch
7Harry Todd (AW) 18*(13) 2 for 17 from 4
8 Michael Winton (ataraXia) 14(12) 3 for 14 from 4
9 Wiebrand Schmidt (AA) 4 for 10 from 2.2
10 Donald Hunt (TMO) 4 for 15 from 4
11 Alf Henton (Mooo) 0*(3) 5 for 24 from 4

Honorable Mentions : Nanku Megana (wk) 45(17) + 1 Catch , Irfan Bangash 4 for 23 from 4 . Joshua Wong 4 for 24 from 4 , Jamil Gul 19(13) 2 for 30 in 4 .


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Absolutely brilliant chase, Nathan Picton with an excellent knock including chasing 22 off the last over with a ball to spare. Unbelievable.


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Holy **** what a win that is. Sampath with an incredible spell after Younis and Samra dig deep to get us some runs on the board. Younis nipping out a cheeky wicket as well.

Promotion hopes still alive!


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AXI off to a slow start on a tough pitch v Ashgrove, but Simmonds and now Zahid are upping the ante. Dee's scored rather slowly for a while now – he's one of a few players who'll be cut once we exit the Cup.

As I type, Simmonds gone.