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Stuart MacGill arrested


International Captain
Probably one of the ****iest of that Aus squad tbh. But he maybe he was too subtle about it for casual audiences
Yeah I think this is the case. I was talking to a friend who grew up in that era watching macgill but was always a more casual fan and he said pretty much the same thing.


Whatever it takes!!!
Gave us one of the most hilariously best lines in an interview ever though.

"Its not llike they are picking what I am bowling. Its more like they dont care what I am bowling"

after being smashed in the 2003 BG series.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
My judgement is based on his on-field persona.

Ponting and Warne weren’t exactly saints during their playing days off-the field tbh..
IIRC, his behaviour in test was generally fine but there were a few issues at lower levels

It’s his personal life that has been a train wreck and it’s been going on for years

Tom Flint

International Regular
I've seen interviews with ponting where he says he was anything but a good bloke off the field for the first half of his career


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
I suppose you do endorse trying to snatch a camera from a teenager’s hand when he took a picture of you smoking (after you accepted sponsorship from a nicotine patch company in return for quitting smoking) ??
tbh as an on/off smoker over the years i feel his pain. Those things never helped me


Cricket Spectator
Not that we all didn't know already but @TheJediBrah Alpha persona been shot to **** in this thread.
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That's what happens when you are supposedly one of the best spinners of your generation but only end up with about the same number of wickets as Moeen Ali


Cricketer Of The Year
Serious question for the room - WTF happened to this guy? I'm sure he was always teetering on the edge, but throughout his career we never heard anything, and he seemingly managed to keep a semi-respectable commentating career for decades without major incident - even though he was no doubt fully immersed in temptation with plenty of discretionary income, travel, adulation etc. I don't get it.

But now, for whatever reason, he's gone to what Bill Simmons (great US sports writer) called the Tyson Zone - where anything he does wouldn't be a surprise. He could retire to the backblocks to raise pigeons, star in the Hangover 4, punch a woman in the face, bite a man in the ear and anyone would say 'oh yep, that's Slats'