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Street Cricket


Cricket Spectator
Ever played in the middle of your street?

Down out street there happens to be a road sign which was ripped off and a pole was just - there. So we used that as a wicket and played in the street.

I happened to be batting when my mate played a short ball and i slammed it into the main road. It was plummeting down just as a car was coming.

We all stared as the ball came down and hit the car (happend to be a very flash one) and smacked the front windscreen. The driver turned round, went skitz and called da police!

They came round and just sed; " Dont play Cricket down here" and drove off!
Have any of you had any similar experiences?

P.S EA made FIFA Street, Street Cricket/Backyard Cricket on the consoles would be very good, E.G cobbles, if its land on the edge of a cobble the ball will turn :D lol!


You'll Never Walk Alone
My mate used to have this awesome place, best place possible. Then came the petition...


Ahh we used to play in our street all the time.. You had to be on your toes to play. When the scream CAAAR came, it meant the wicky grabbed the stumps and everyone bolted to the footpath.. Sometimes we had people yell abuse out the window, but never anything major..


Global Moderator
Some of the most memorable cricket games I participated in were played on the street. Most of the 'real' matches were always one-sided either in our favor or in the opponent's. Most street matches always went down to the wire.

None of the neighbors ever complained though, since we always used a tape ball anyway. I remember stepping into cow crap once while fielding, most embarassing moment of my life.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah, my mate used to live on a dead end so it was awesome for playing cricket. You just had to avoid the cars parked on the side of the road if you hit in the V.


Cricketer Of The Year
Kaneria or one of the other Pakistanis used to play on a roof.
Just Kaneria? Almost all Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis would have played that.

As a matter of fact, I have played with the likes of Irfan Pathan, Munaf Patel, Ashraf Makda, Rakesh and Lalit Patel at the local club level.

Munaf Patel prefers to bowl without the shoes and he is lethal without shoes.


Cricketer Of The Year
We have broken many windows with tennis and rubber balls in the streets. We used to get the stumps and run away when a certain window was hit cause that uncle was the cousin of hitler. :D


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
We used to have epic games up our street, but two old people got proper stressed about it and managed to get us to stop playing. Then they died so I suppose we could play again but we don't


Cricket Spectator
Yeah still play it every now and then when a few mates are around, We have a very flat bit of street then a hill behind the bowlers.
So we don't have to chase it down the street if we get onto a nice straight drive.

We used to play with rubber balls, Smashed a car window, Police came and told us to use Tennis balls only. Haha awesome stuff.


International 12th Man
Ours was a dirt street and no worry about cars, no one in a street of 20 odd houses owned one.Council used to send a Grader down the street every 6 months and boy did that produce a goo hard wicket just like the cement ones or matting we played on at school. Adults always joined in,usually after tea, and we would play until you could not see the ball as we had no street lights. What a Great time..Thanks for prompting the memory banks.:):)