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Steven Smith Poem

Dawood Ahmad

U19 Vice-Captain
This one is for swingpanzee

Both His style and look are great
He's legend of game, how good is Smith
Even selectors who had him took are great
He's to enjoy much fame, how good is Smith

Jealous is every mate of Smith
cuz fans only wait of Smith
and clubs do greater rate of Smith

by dancing down, what an attack he does
absolute performance with bat he does
goodness of game is that he does

Lets Recall the ashes that recently took place
or Smith's smashes that recently took place
To Be continued...... (this one I'm more motivated to complete)

Edit:Never misunderstand me I'm only 14.........
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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
There's a very thin line between original and entertaining on the one hand and repetitive and boring on the other

Dawood Ahmad

U19 Vice-Captain
I couldn't do this one very well because I am very busy. My exams are starting soon so those who want me to write more poems please wait till 19th March and then tell me.


Hall of Fame Member
End every paper with a poem on Sharif's fame and Imran's game

Absolute performance you will set
great fame you will get
men in awe of your might
women love you all night :naughty:


International Regular
There's a very thin line between original and entertaining on the one hand and repetitive and boring on the other
There's a very thin line between critic and good feedback-giver on the one hand and a jealous fool who hates abilities on the other :ph34r:
Dawood I will wait for your exams to end. Heck i probably have an exam on 19th March but I will skip it to read your grand piece
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International Debutant
I'm getting a kick out of reading them as if the cricketer themselves were delivering them battle rap-style in the third person.


Hall of Fame Member
Great effort, and props for posting it online.

Not sure if this poem thing is some inside joke but . . . are they supposed to make sense?


International Regular
I always knew the new world order under AB would be good,
All hail the great poet the one and only Dawood