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Steve Waugh to Retire at the SCG


International Regular
Steve Waugh to Retire

Steve Waugh is set to announce his retirmemnt at 10:30am this morning (Australian time).

Keep tuned to the front page for detail as they develop.


International Coach
Really!! This is very sudden! Is he still going to play against India though?


Cricketer Of The Year
I was alerted to the news early this morning on NZ Sports Radio.

In some way it's not really a surprise but I guess alot of people were expecting him to make one last tour to India.


Cricketer Of The Year
well from my perspective this is ridiculous...

I feel if he has been pushed the selectors should be sacked immediatley AND they should start shopping for a house in Iraq cause at this point in time they would be safer there then here in Australia...

If the above is true, its a sad day for Australian Cricket as our greatest ever captain is forced from the game with a recent test record that is as good as most around the world....

The side now looks as though it has a sense of vulnerabilty around it...
What I've read so far is not that he's going to retire, it's that he's making a 'major announcement' on his playing future. Granted, that probably means he is going to retire but we'll wait and see. I think in all likelihood he is going to announce WHEN he is going to retire *hopefully he gets to do that*.
Unless you guys have heard different.


International Regular
Wrong. Love is certain to be the third ugly sister behind Katich and Clarke.


International Regular
Just saw the press conference. His last match will be against India at the SCG - what a way to go!

See front page for full report.
Third behind Katich and Clarke? I'd love to be able to say that in this forum without my obvious Clarke bias being pointed out. It seems to everyone that the test spot available at the moment is a dogfight between Katich and Love. So where does Clarke come into it because of Steve Waugh and why would he be in front of Love?


International Regular
Simple. Clarke will have had the full domestic summer under his belt (remember Waugh is retiring after this series).

And besides, it's jyst my opinion - frankly, I don't really care if you were picked in his place as long as his replacement did the job.

Somewhat, Love just won't get a permanent crack at a Test spot.
I'll go along with that. Although it's dependent on Clarke having a good summer.
I think Love is the Andy Bichel of the batting.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
My feeling is that Waugh's been told he's not a chance for India 2004 (or even Sri Lanka 2004) and that he's only been given the upcoming summer as a farewell tour...who was the last Australian player to be given such an accolade? Frankly, if you're going to retire, do it, then bugger off and let the young blokes have a crack in a low-pressure situation (like India at home) than a high-pressure situation (like India in India)...

Considering this means that Ponting's first Test series as captain will now be in Sri Lanka, that is pretty poor going, at least drop Waugh as captain and give Ponting the reins now.

On a related note, I reckon Lehmann is spitting chips now...Waugh's retirement would have guaranteed his spot for a while to come...

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
marc71178 said:
You wanna bet?
I don't think he was pushed by the powers that be. Next year is Australia's heaviest schedule ever, there is something like 4 tours and a mid-winter series at home. He is 38 and has a young family, he would have been spending a long time away from home, there is alot of training and mental and physical preperation to go through. So if he was wanting to go to India it would have been alot of work, maybe he was thinking about that.

Maybe the only part the selectors had in the retirement was that they said we can guarantee you a spot until Sydney, after that you're on your own...

V Reddy

International Debutant
Sad to see him go. I was expecting him to play in India after what he had said earlier.


International 12th Man
We all know how much he wanted to play in india and win...That was his biggest ambition for the last few years... If he retires before he goes to india, it is without doubt, that it is because the selectors have told him that he won't be selected after the india series...

After giving 16 years of tremendous service to Australia..After moulding the current test and ODI team to it's extraodinary heights... After saving countless test and one-day matches... This is the treatment he getS? he doesn't get his biggest ambition... He avgs 104 in FC cricket this season... That's good form...

The selectors think they'll continue to win matches like they did with the one - day squad,without swaugh... Test matches are different kettle of fish... Clarke, as brilliant as he is, is not ready for a full time TEST position...ODI's i agree,he should b in the team...but not test matches

I don't beleive katich is g00d enough to hold down a full time test position as a batsman...He's good enough atm,he's in brilliant form... But he's not consistent usually.

Love doesn't have the class to hold down a proper test spot either

Unlike when ian healy retired, where there was a great player pushing for his spot...there is no1 that is quiet ready for a full time spot in the test team.... Which is why it's unreasonable to drop the gr8 man...