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Steve Smith vs Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the better test batsman?

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International Coach
Musta been **** in his other 43 tests to drop his average that much.
I mean, he averaged 37 in his initial phase but was a teenager and scored tons in SA, Eng and Australia so I still put that on his credit.

His last 20 odd tests he was actually poor tho. But out of a career of 200 tests that is very impressive.


Cricketer Of The Year
Removing Bangladesh and Zimbabwe Tests and starting Tendulkars career at his 20th year on earth (same age Smith debuted), Tendulkar averaged 60 after 85 Tests. He was consistently averaging 60+ before that. His average then gradually dropped.

Smith averaged 60 after 93 Tests while facing no minnows. Questionable if the Bangladesh Tests qualify as minnows Tests as I think Australia lost one of them.

I think Smith has already done enough.

I don't see how playing longer at a lower level makes your legacy greater. Tendulkar would've still gone still gone down as the 2nd best batsmen of all time (or wherever people rank him) if he retired in 2004.
Windies are minnows! (especially away)


International Coach
From late 2001-2010 they definitely had a minnow-esque bowling attack.

West Indies currently have 2 fast bowlers who have taken 150+ wickets at under 30. Wouldn't class that as minnow.
He did specifically mention especially away. Those two bowlers both average 35+ away vs sub 25 at home.


International Captain
Removing West Indies post 2000 would help Tendulkar's average paradoxically
I know but fair is fair. And fwiw I'll give Sachin the edge for now. If only because his career is complete and Smith may yet have a late career slide ( or vice versa).


International Captain
He did specifically mention especially away. Those two bowlers both average 35+ away vs sub 25 at home.
This. The bowling isn't minnow-esque it's just full of HTBs. But even that is a huge improvement over the bowling 2000-2010.


The Wheel is Forever
Ponting rates higher then Smith, let alone Sachin. Ponting’ speak was longer and more impactful and coincided with the greatest era of Australian cricket.
I am not sure if I would rate Ponting higher than Smith but I think it's very close.