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Spark Sport


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Not a great start for the "new way to watch sport". Did they bite off more than they could chew?

I had my doubts about its stability, so decided to steer clear and just watch what they put on free-to-air TV. So the extra games being moved to Duke has been a nice little bonus for me.

But my in-laws bought the tournament pass, and they even forked out for a new TV so they could use the Spark Sport app. Fair to say they're not thrilled.

It's quite a coincidence that the issues have affected only "a small minority of customers", but that seems to include everyone I know that signed up.


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I can't help but think it's a bit weak for Spark to say "we'll have it fixed by next weekend". The problem is that about 50% of the actually-interesting group games were on in the first weekend.


Not Terrible
I have been looking forward to this disaster for months now and it has absolutely delivered.Absolutely loving it


International Vice-Captain
From what I have read, part of it seems to be due to problems with Akamai's content distribution nodes (unexpected), and with end user hardware (expected)


i think they'll be fine if they fix it now.

we had to stream it via a useful river because my flatmates laptop was getting stuttering but we've found moving my pc into the lounge and using that works perfectly.

they'll never have this much stress on their tech again so i think they're still well placed to bid for super rugby, cricket rights and whatever else they fancy.

my parents seemed to have no dramas in rural taranaki on aerial broadband of all tech which is weird.