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Slower Ball


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
There's a couple of options here:
#1- Split fingers.
So normally where your index and middle fingers would be down the seam, and quite close to each other, for a slower ball you can adjust the position of your fingers down the sides of the ball, therefore giving less force behind the ball to increase it's speed in the bowling action.

#2- Finger roll.
The second option I use is to roll your fingers over the side of the ball, as an off spinner would, when bowling. This again will decrease the amount of force behind the ball in the bowling action.

Hope this helps.


Global Moderator
Yeah, there's a huge amount of different options.

Merv Hughes bowled a big, loopy legspinner off a full run.
Simon O'Donnell and Steve Waugh pioneered it by bowling out of the back of the hand.
Some people use the split-finger or off-cutter, as mentioned above
Holding the ball deep in the hand (or conversely, right in the fingertips) would also do it
Only holding one side of the ball lowers the force behind it.

Bowling the slower ball isn't the difficult part - the issue is hiding it.