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Shocking News!

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I can't believe what i read today. In Times of India, and even on Pak news papers there is a reports which says that a Pakistani cricket player raped an Australian women during the current tour. Pakistani team is obviously denying that and Woolmer says he's shocked.

I can't believe Pakistani player descending to such low level.This is a shameless incident and if its true then i believe the entire Pak team should be banned for 5 years. I mean who would like to host a team whose players happen to be rapist and are threat to fairer ***?

I hope though that the news is incorrect, don't want to see Pakistan cricket team in trouble but if its true then i'm very sad.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Speculating and mass blame is very, very suspect legal territory.

We won't be entering into any guessing games here.
Not open for further replies.