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Shane Warne dead at 52


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
In presenting him the Oz MOTS in 05, Atherton said something along the lines of, the word great is often overused but here it’s appropriate - ladies and gentlemen, the great Shane Warne.
The words icon, legend, genius and artist are thrown around too but Warne was all that and more. Just a once in a lifetime cricketer. What the ****.

Agent TBY

International Captain
Oh no. No.

How many have we "grew up in the 90s" generation lost? Crowe, and now Warne?

And it had to be Warne? JFC.

RIP. Just shattered.


Whatever it takes!!!
I am ****ing sad right now. The greatest cricketer I have actually spoken to. I wrote that big piece on his cricketing retirement here that I should dig up. Whatever be his faults, he seemed very very generous when talking cricket and to cricketers. One of the real stars - genius, icon, legend - any adjective you use, he was worthy of it. This hits hard man, hits personally. :(

This is the post I had written.



Cricketer Of The Year
I just couldn't come to believe it. Such a terrible news.

Legend of the game and will be unequalled. Just showed the beauty of leg spin to the world.


International Coach
I am in total shock feeling numb, the man was such an integral part of my childhood and teenage.

RIP legend will miss you