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Semi Final 2 - NZ v Australia - Eden Park


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I can't believe you are calling me out on the carpet...

It was in France is all I remember - he broke the guy's nose with an upper cut during a scrum. I remember it distinctly as the commentators predicted that we would take care of business before it happened.

"Winning" may not have meant them dominating on the score board - the run of the game was in their favour and it was about 20 minutes in.

And this is what 20 years ago. I am surprised I remember this much.

And I know you know your rugby and you know that Richard Loe is capable of this.


I suspect it was this game

The record shows a front rower being replaced - It lists the replaced player as a three and Loe would have packed down against the 1 - so can't answer that part.
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Course I do - his eyegouging of Greg Cooper was the biggest dog act I've ever seen on a rugby field, and he is scum as far as I'm concerned.

What I am calling into question is your facts. :)