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Semi Final 2 - NZ v Australia - Eden Park


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A toss of the coin for me. From an NZ POV, I just hope the AB's play it like they would a final and leave no stone unturned because if they can beat Aust, that's the WC for me. I just can't see Wales or France (yes France) getting up over us at Eden Park in a final.

Aust still worry me though, even with their suspect scrum. Poccock, Ioane, Genia & Beale give me the sh**ts while McCaw & Reid both look a shadow of what they were in 2010. I hope we start with Cruden, he gives me a lot more confidence than Colin Slade.

Thoughts on this one?
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Pocock for me is the biggest threat of that group of Australians you've mentioned; if hes as influential against the ABs as he was against the Boks then the Wallabies have a chance. If hes taken out of the game then no matter how well Ioane, Genia and Beale are threatening to play, I can't see Australia winning. Argentina in a way set out how to stall the ABs momentum and that doesn't necessarily involve having the ball for long periods. If Australia defend as well as they did against South Africa and can be as successful at the breakdown as they were today, with Pocock the main protagonist, they're a shot at causing an upset.

I'd much prefer the ABs discard Slade and run with Cruden who was far more composed in his 50 minutes or so this evening than Slade's been throughout the entire season. Cruden's been dominating ITM Cup and his performance tonight on the international stage won't have knocked him back in any way. My first choice would still be Weepu but if the selectors are intent on a 'specialist' 10, then my money's on Cruden.


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Can a Mod sticky this please?

Think we're a shot, but we'd be a bigger shot if it was being played anywhere else.


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If the Wallabies play like they did today then they'll get beaten by 50+.

I don't think they will though.


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Happy to see Gear in there, but Donald? Jeez.
Why is it okay to call up Donald (now based in Bath, is it?) but not Nick Evans?

Injury problems. Everyone seems to have gone down at some point. But if it gets to the point where Donald's playing, I give up.


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Because Donald isn't in the UK yet. Apparently. His NZRU contract goes through to November.


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Because Donald isn't in the UK yet. Apparently. His NZRU contract goes through to November.
Oh. That's surprising. I'm sure I'd read that he'd already left - I know there were problems with his visa - not having played enough games for the ABs or something, maybe that's delayed his departure enough to allow the call-up.