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Semi Final 2 - India v Sri Lanka


Virat Kohli (c)
Performs against most teams tbf. Against India he is poor though.

Wonder what his record is like post-2007 WC


International Debutant
Even in the Indian team I think it is mostly Kohli and Dhoni. Never really felt any of the other batsmen were totally on top of him.


Global Moderator
What was the logic behind Dhoni bowling himself? I don't quite understand given his quicks seemed to be bowling well (or at least the scorecard suggests that, I didn't see the game), and the spinners bowled out their 10 each.


Virat Kohli (c)
I think (and really, who knows) its a combination of:

a) that at the time the spinners weren't getting purchase and assistance from the wicket (they eventually did, but alter), whereas the seamers were.. So he may have originally planned (prior to Rockstar Jadeja getting some serious turn and bounce) to make up some overs from the spinners with some seam up bowling, and he chose to bowl himself over Kohli; and
b) taking the piss.


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I'm guessing he thought the pitch wouldn't suit his spinners, so he tried to sneak in an additional few overs of pace (well, 'pace'). Kohli's bowling doesn't really suit swinging conditions, and coupled with the fact that he's actually a truly rubbish bowler, Dhoni must've thought that bowling himself was the best option. Unnecessary in the end of course.


Virat Kohli (c)
Says the bloke who logs onto CW and asks for cricket score updates. Nah I'm not copping that from you out of all people!