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Semi Final 2 - India v Sri Lanka


Y no Afghanistan flag
What a daft shot from Rohit. Fancy a Cricketer who eats well and trains hard could get out like that...


Global Moderator
Was mainly referring to the numpties who've been chipping in to criticise England's 'slow' scoring all tournament. Strangely absent when Sri Lanka have been batting like clowns..
KP doesn't watch the other games, that's why he doesn't get that England's batting is fine. He just assumes that the media stereotypes are true.


Cricket Web Staff Member
"when Dhoni took the gloves off and Dinesh Kartick took them up I got a feeling he was going to bowl" - Russell Arnold is onto it.
Very astute - I personally had no idea. I thought that he was going to grab a pair of chest-waders and cast a fly across the River Taff.


Virat Kohli (c)
Malinga's record against India must be absolutely ****house, surely?*

*cbf to check