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Semi Final 2 - India v Sri Lanka


Y no Afghanistan flag
Wanted more reaction from Jono. Didn't work.

I'm trying to work out what chance SL actually have of winning this match. If they can get the openers out early I think it might put some pressure on the middle to lower order, its pretty unlikely though unless Malinga bowls an awesome spell. I think India should just play out Malinga and aim to get 0-35 from his 10 overs.


Evil Scotsman
Love how Hussain and Ganguly were criticising Ishant for bowling short despite the presence of a graphic that shows he concedes far more runs when he pitches it up.


International Captain
Dilshan WAG. Such a limp, weak performance from SL though. No wonder this thread is equally lifeless.


Virat Kohli (c)
Nah gagf Nasser and Ganguly bowlers can go off and rest as can batsman.

Bowers can't get people running for them as they bowl, so batsmen can't.

No runner rule is great.


Evil Scotsman
Lol, no sharp singles for Sri Lanka then.

And no Nasser, the runner rule does not need reviewed. If Dilshan can't run then tough ****.


Hall of Fame Member
Made him look a bit daft. Surely a ball that pitches half way down outside leg you just deposit it somewhere or at least kick it away.


Virat Kohli (c)
Wtf ground invader. When Nasser said there were people running on the "pitch" I thought he meant the batsmen were running on the pitch, not a ****ing dude from the crowd.