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Season review - feedback


U19 Cricketer
i definitly agree with the Sehwag bit, no matter wat anyone will say he is a great find for the future.
One prob i think with that awards thingy, i think its a bit to far towards batters instead of bowlers

P.S. wheres Vettori?? *just jokes, i think!*


Cricket Spectator
Mate I reckon you should do nominations first then all the members can vote for who they think should win, I think best comeback should have been Justin Langer he has been incredible this summer after looking like he may never play another match for his country again.


School Boy/Girl Captain
I think Damien Martyn should definetley be best comeback! Although his was in 99-00 but this has been his first year where he was an automatic selection....


U19 Cricketer
i think the team selection was a bit wrong, i would have no Harbjahan, i would instead have Saqlain Mustaq or Vettori (i am abit biased to vettori :)) and i wouldn't have Kallis so low in the order. Plus replave McGrath or Vaas for Gillespie, and maybe some how have Gilchrist and Flower in there

P.S. i am not biased towards aussies by any means, i only support the kiwis, but u have to admit, they are a fantastic team


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Most disappointing player - anyone who captained Zimbabwe (at last count David Houghton and Iain Butchart have knocked it back...)

Most disappointing test team - West Indies (at least Zimbabwe have a reason for poor form, as most of them are farmers)

Find of the year - tied between Lou Vincent and Virender Sehwag (Vincent may well be the batsman and fielder the Kiwis have been looking for)

Anyone noticed that the three Tests people felt were the best of 2001 (IND/AUS 2nd and 3rd Tests, ENG/AUS 4th Test) Australia lost......


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Where's New Zealand Crickter of the Year

Craig McMillan
Mark Richardson


No way McGrath in there :(

Did you no New Zealand if they win againts England can go to 3rd in the World for tests. Also South Africa (2nd best) are looking rather dissapointing in Australia.

Brett Lee is a &^%$() tosser. He celebrates too much when he knocks over no. 10 or 11 casue he never knocks over people who can hold a bat.


U19 Cricketer
yeah, Richardson got the record a couple of days ago for quickest amount of innings to get 1000 runs (20 innings). and he had an average of 56.

McMillan, well, wat can i say. He and vettori are my fav players and could b the next Gilchrist in batting wise.

Maybe if something drastic happens maybe Astle as well (also my fav player :))


U19 Cricketer
yeah, we know.

Plus Lou Vincent got moment of the season, with his century on debut.

I do watch cricket company u know ;)


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
mcmillians been named nz cricketer of the year
Nah Richardson was name NZ crickter of the year at the awards. McMillan was named NZ crickter of the year by the National Bank Cricket Company.

Sriram k

Total Cricket Moderator
I think ppl are ignoring T Samaraweera ( of srilanka) .

Have a look at his test record....

6 matches...
6 inns ( so far..last match going on..)
2 100s
2 50s
avg >100 ( probably due to a couple of nos)
And...He is selected as a bowler !!!!
I think he definitely deserves a mention at least.

[Edited on 12/29/01 by Sriram k]


International Regular
yeah i started looking at samarawerra after seeing how good he was on icc2 and wondered why he wasnt in the national squad after he has built up a fantastic domestic record in sri lanka as an all rounder but for sri lanka in tests he is averaging over 50 with the ball