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**Season 7 Press Releases!!!**


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Hampshire have been looking onto to continue their goal of building team strength gradually over seasons.. and to assert their position of being a side that cannot be underestimated on any playing day and the management of the club and the consistency that the club has brought right from the very beginning of WCC creation, has been something that has been much respected and acknowledged by fellow club managers and young managers.

So come this new year and new season (Hampshire in Div 2 FC Div 4 OD), Hampshires manager Reuben aka Lord. expects much bigger and better things from a stronger unit.. who will start their pre season training and bonding camps in a few weeks..

Hampshire would also like to be one of the first clubs this season to release their Season 7 Squad.

Any comments, predictions.. will be much appreciated.



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International Vice-Captain
To be honest I have little or no respect at all for Hampshire. I find their side weak, the way that they galavant and celebrate rude, and think that if a new manager was bought on board they'd achieve much better results.

My predictions will be (if the new structure is implemented this year) is relegation from division 1 in 4 D, and very few wins in OD


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Lol you sound a bit angry there Ian..

But it looks like Lord's got a good line-up there


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Lol you sound a bit angry there Ian..
Andy .. its mainly 99% Gas.. and 1% anger..

Ian come Season 7 Hampshire will make sure WP get royally whopped in the Hamps-WP clash.. because we arent just known for our fine talk, good looks and top material possessions (ie clothes,cash,girls,liquour and bling).. but also our display of all round strength on field..
Like Whoa.. your goin down!

Mr Mxyzptlk

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WCC Auckland Season 7

WCC Auckland owner and manager, Liam Camps is pleased to announce the Season 7 squad.

"On paper it may not look as strong as some of the bigger guns, but we feel that we've compiled the best squad we can, given limited resources and funding. As in seasons past, I expect the boys to show great heart and maximize their talent to compete with the best of them."

The squad will be presented formally to the public later.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Yorkshire moving foward, one step at a time.

For season 7 Yorkshire have really left no-one safe with lots of trades and drafting in new players. only W Tendulkar and D Gough remain from when new manager Greg Thomas took over.
"We had a lot of average players last season. And that's putting it nicely.
This year is definately an improvement and each player with have a role. We're not aiming high this season but we're building up for the future.
We have an easily better side than last season, but it's not good enough to take any titles".

Mr Mxyzptlk

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:huh: But my thread wasn't merely a press release. It was to be the source of all Auckland news over the course of the preseason and during the season... Hence the title had nothing to do with press...


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sorry mate, just i can see we will get every team posting a thread on their team...


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Lancashire are one of the perrenial overachievers in the WCC, maintining top flight status in both formats, and finishing 3rd in both last year, despite having a squad that on paper looks as though it would struggle even in the lower reaches of the leagues. This season presents a new challenge for the famous club, with a larger top division the competition will be fiercer and many expect a struggle to avoid the drop. Much will depend on Rookie paceman Freeman's partnership with Mongia.


Hall of Fame Member

Surrey have announced their squad for Season 7:

F Pandit
J Arlott
W Denny
S De Bruyn
S Jewell
A Mohammed
N Rathod
E Good
M Richardson
V Mane
M Dighton
I Khaleel
J Bennett
M Shrinivas
F Tully
D Powell
W Tully
A Sunny

The captain will once again be Mohendas Shrinivas, with Sammy De Bruyn being vice-captain.

There are only 6 players remaining from last years promotion in OD and relegation in 4D, but due to the restructuring, Surrey have found themselves in Division 1 of 4D and Division 2 of OD.

The squad is quite young, but will no doubt try to gain experience and push Surrey up to Division 1 in both forms.

The Lions will be looking forward to a productive season in both forms, I am sure.


Hall of Fame Member
Colts CC have one goal this season and thats to win the Divison One Championship, anything else will be deemed as a failure. With the increase in size of the divison there will be some tough competition from South Australia, Queensland and Victoria as well as some of the dark horses in New South Wales, Karntaka and Leicestershire. But we are very confident we have the side that can outclass all these teams over 22 rounds.


International Captain
I don't think I need to build it up too much, but hopefully we'll be able to do well again. The 4D has been weakened a fair bit and we really need Philander to perform, but OD has been strengthened ALOT!



Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
After inheriting a pretty sub-standard side, I am pleased to announce this season's Mashonaland team. I feel it's a pretty good side, and the allrounders in B Straw and M Walker in FC give me the ability to bat down to 9 or even 10 if I need to. The FC side is a bit stronger than the OD team, but I am expecting both sides to do well. I'm definetely aiming for promotion in FC, and am hoping for the same in the shorter version.
Only one player, S Mushtaq, has been retained in the squad, while three rookies-Q Oulton, Q Roll and M Travis- were happily taken from the academy. Q Oulton and first draft pick B Straw are probably the two key players in the squad, especially in FC.



International Vice-Captain
Northerns Announce Squad For Season 7

The Northerns Cricket club are proud to announce our squad that will be looking to continue its great start since entering the WCC competition.


D Dawson (OD Captain)
D Mongia
W Pointer
S Shah
T Orton (FC Captain)
M Rudolph
U Afzaal
R Gavaskar
I Anjum
K Khan
H Raza
R Jesuraj
E White
M Vardhan
R Cassell
L James
Q Radford

A new FC captain was announced after last seasons skipper D Dawson stepped down from the role to concentrate on his OD job, T Orton was announced as captain at pre-season training and this is expected to make him a stronger player.


International Debutant
Karachi have their 17 man squad all together and heavily training for the upcoming season. With Karachi still on the lookout for a good FC Batter, all players are working their butts off.

Here is my excel file with squads and many interesting stats. Take a look. The Captains are yet to be decided, but in the running are Dharmani, Manhus, Cooke.



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Northern Districts Announce Squad

The final squad for Northern Districts season 7 campaign has been released in a small season launch. Rookies Ronald Myerscough, Scott Westwood and Toby Roach were unveiled to the media and sponsors, most were there to see new recruit Yashpal Singh but they left disapointed as he remained at his hotel, it is expected he will be at practice in coming days. Manager Simon Fitzsimmons made a brief appearance after making the trip from Australia where he is currently taking charge of the home side. During his quick speech he announced that the captain for season 7 will be South African Andrew Puttick. The keeper will captain a WCC side for the first time and is expected to play a major role in both campaigns, although with a 42 game season he may be rested from some one day games and new vice captain George Goff will take the reigns.
The full squad is in the excel file below...



International Debutant
Simon how did u get ure team so good? was it cause of the early Draft Picks or did u trade well? i wouldve thought trading holland would bring you a few good players? explain lol