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Season 4 Opener - *Live Sim*

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Mr Mxyzptlk

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The Season Opener of the 4th Dev League stint will be broadcast to the general public live on Friday 5th December (Saturday 6th for the Aussies).

Game: Cricket Web A versus England A (5-day game)
Time: 5pm local time, 9pm UK time (2100), 10pm (Norway), 8am (Australia)

You guys can add me to your MSN:


I hope to see you all there. :)

Sponsored by the CW Bar and the gracious benefactor, Ajit Agarkar.


Cricket Web XI Moderator
just a note that both the selectors liam and myself will be attending the opening matches..

So put on your top peformance :)

10 am NZ time Saturday i can easily make that :)


Eyes not spreadsheets
Well, if the CW bar is going to sponsor the Devs, I need to be working to make some money to afford the sponsorship - I'd rather be at the game trust me, but Chef de Groot cannot be trusted!


Cricket Web XI Moderator
wrong we are sponsoring CW BAR... your lucky some of our match money is going there otherwise we would have to be drinking cheap alcohol :P
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