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Season 2 Draft

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Agent TBY

International Captain
Make me!

Anyway, we'll take Benali. ****'s about a hundred years old, but I don't care. Not like he'll play much.

Anyway, don't we get our performance points from pre-season carried over to our respective teams? I think I accumulated something like 700 Passing points in two games alone. :ph34r:


Hall of Fame Member
Swell takes A_Solomatin
anyway dynamo pick

Sorry, pick again :)

Draft Round 3 So Far
1. Fury pick King
2. Swell pick Solomatin
3. United pick Benali
4. Power pick Najeeb
5. Dynamo

Players Available

Keith Rowland	N. Ire	36 yrs	19 caps
Scott Smith	NZ	32 yrs	18 caps
Johnny Walker	USA	33 yrs	3 caps
Phil Patterson	NZ	34 yrs	2 caps
J Robertson	Wales	36 yrs	30 caps
Usman Gondal	Pak	20 yrs	1 cap
Magnus Hedman	Swe	34 yrs	53 caps
JP Ancheri	India	31 yrs	56 caps
Vinny Samways	Eng	39 yrs	0 caps
Roger Freestone	Wales	42 yrs	4 caps
Sean Cooney	Ire	24 yrs	0 caps
Jon Holland	Malta	29 yrs	18 caps
Francis Xavier	India	36 yrs	27 caps
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Will go with JP Ancheri.

Season 2 draft complete.

Updated squads released soon and pre-season schedule announced.

Draft Round 1- Complete
1. Dynamo select Rodney Jack
2. Power select Ray Parlour
3. United select Sancho
4. Swell select Juha Reina
5. Fury select Fan Zhiyi

Draft Round 2- Complete
1. United select Sveinsson
2. Power select Bjorn Berland
3. Swell select Paul Jones
4. Dynamo select Giovanni Bonini
5. Fury select Goodwin Bebeu

Draft Round 3- Complete
1. Fury pick King
2. Swell pick Solomatin
3. United pick Benali
4. Power pick Najeeb
5. Dynamo pick Ancheri
Not open for further replies.