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Schools of Football Management


International Debutant
For those who don't know, my passion lies in football, but more specifically football management.

I'm into my final year of school and as i move into higher studies I am looking for a course that would give me education in football management. I have searched Google and found some interesting results but I'm not too sure what I need.

WOndering, could anyone help, or does anyone know of a course?

COuntry or location doesn't matter, willing to go anywhere.

Thanks guys

ash chaulk

International Captain
yeah if you search there are alot of online courses but its a matter of choosing the right one as they could be dodgy. Best bet would be somewhere in USA they would have coaching schools im sure with all there college sports.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Championship Manager will do the trick.

You need coaching badges from somewhere and then get a job coaching some remote sort of team somewhere.


Global Moderator
Haha, where is that link to the guy who applied for the job of managing an FA club, citing his Champ Man experience? Want it now.


Cricket Web Content Updater
Brilliant that. Good to see that Gibson has replied so many times and that the guy is raisng money for charity.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Don't bother with Level 1 if you have any desire to work with children aged above 12.

Good for parents and students wanting to broaden the skills portflolio. Straight to two.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Sounds a bit like the U7s equivalent of Cemaes Bay. They've now played 20, lost 20, scored 8, conceded 125.
In fairness both matches have been against Heavitree U8. Who have all learnt a) which way to kick, b) not to tackle your own teammates, c) to spread out to a concentration lower than 6psm (players per square metre) and d) that one-twos in your own box are not smart.