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SBS to broadcast Ashes on Australian free-to-air TV


Cricket Web Staff Member
LongHopCassidy said:
And South Africa a distant third, presumably? :dry:
In '70\71, of course, they were nothing (as they'd been kicked-out of intl sport quite rightly). In '68 they were probably better than both of them, yes.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Except John Howard's the Prime Minister and has commentated on radio before - rather than some random wannabe.


World Traveller
FaaipDeOiad said:

Certainly a bit of a surprise, but welcome news for those cricket fans out there who don't have Foxtel.

This is probably the first Ashes clash which has been 1st vs 2nd since the mid 70s prior to the rise of the West Indies, and is also the first time in a few years (since South Africa 01/02) that Australia has faced a genuine number two contender, so it would have been disappointing if it also became the first Ashes series in decades not to be shown on Australian TV. I wonder what sort of commentary team SBS will come up with?
Simon Hill and Craig Foster.

An Englishman (Hill) and an Aussie (Foster) at the mike at the same time - interesting.