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Rugby League Draft 2


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NRL season kicks off tonight, thought it would be a good time to have another go at a RL draft. Last one was for players from the 'modern era" this time is strictly for players between 1988-2010, don't like the rule then dont sign up to play. Looking for 8-12 people.

1. Simon
2. Brumby
3. Morgieb
4. Clapo
5. Smith
6. Burgey
7. Blewy
8. Indipper
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We'll start tomorrow, at most I'll take the next 5 to show interest.


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We will start with us 8 then, if a few more people want to join in time we'll let them jump in.

The picking order will be reserved every second round, so if you are first in round 1 you are last in round 2 and so on.

the order is
1 Clapo
2 Burgey
3 Simon
5 Morgieb
6 Blewy
7 Indipper
8 Brumby
9 Ausage
10 Kyle

Remember anyone that played in the NSWRL, ARL, NRL, Super League between 1988-2010 is eligible. Also 12 hours between picks and you may be skipped.
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