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RTD Appreciation Society


Cricketer Of The Year
RTD used to be not that good, but he's the kind of guy that learns a lot really fast, he just needs to be learned the stuff!

@ Perm him and Cook are the reasons I support Essex as well :D


World Traveller
I have to check with the president, but if we go by his choice of music as any indication of his preferred means of protest, I'd say riots or letter bombs at the very least.
Breaking their legs or making sure that they sleep with the fishes are good methods as well. Or get them into a locked room with Fuller and the topic is gay rights, unions, social justice and go from there :ph34r:


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Noticed that RTD got a duck for Essex last night, must have been a poor decision IMO.


World Traveller
Either RTD is a poor man's version of Kevin Pietersen or he is very good. ten Doeschate should come to Australia to play grade cricket (don't know if he would get a State contract if he wanted one) in Sydney or Melbourne.


International Regular
Ah, excellent, my dear Gelman.

And could you order the Serbian hitmen again, yes, the same as before, and make sure they do the INFIDEL forhead carving this time, 'mkay?


International Captain
Oh yeah he has become the third player to score 1000 career Intercontinental Cup runs and in only 3 years :)

The other two are Steven Tikolo and Arshad Ali?


U19 Cricketer
He's retired out, does that count as an out when one calculates his batting average or is it the same as hurt? Seems a bit unfair that a batsmen gets punished because the captain says he should give someone else a go! Its not going to help keep that amazing average up is it?A few more games against bermuda and he'll have a better average than bradman