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Roy’s spot at the top should not be in doubt


International Vice-Captain
Roy has been bowled last 3 innings. Can he make it 5 in a row?
With the way he pushes his hands out hard and early at the ball, and the gap he leaves if he gets it wrong? Absolutely. Anyone who can make it duck back at pace can have his stumps on cue.


Global Moderator
The problem with moving Roy to 4, much like picking Harris, is that You Can't Drop Someone After One Game.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
He’s finally dropped. But the fact he was still in this squad presumably (or possibly) means he’s still likely to go to New Zealand. Assuming he’s not tired from the World Cup of course. :)

aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
A bit harsh on Roy to get dropped after his 22 and 31 almost outscored his first 3 tests total.

Should have batted him at 8 to hide him like they did with Butler ;)


International Vice-Captain
He should not go to NZ, he'll be as **** over there as he has been here at home.
If the decks are green, as they generally are here before Xmas, he'll have no show with that technique. If Boult can get it hooping back at him, he's toast.