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Road to the 2011 ODI World Cup


India in a lot of trouble with their bowling attack. Going to need their batsmen to have an amazing series unless some bowlers find form.


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India in a lot of trouble with their bowling attack. Going to need their batsmen to have an amazing series unless some bowlers find form.
the best solution for India will be to play 2 frontline spinners (and 2 pacers) in their attack. India has no dearth of talent in spin bowling department. Besides Harbhajan, we could choose anyone between Mishra and Ojha in the playing XI (even Chawla has an outside chance). And this time the tournament being held in the subcontinent, this strategy should work.

The 2 pacers can be Zaheer Khan and Praveen Kumar. Jadeja, Yuvraj and Sehwag will be there to share the remaining 10 overs.

In that way, we can have a decent bowling attack suited to the subcontinent pitches.

But if they are stubborn enough to go with 3 pacers (Nehra, Sreesanth, RP or Ishant being the 3rd one), then this attack has every chance to be torn apart.


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Looking forward to it.For once i think England have a chance not that i am expecting them to win it but they certainly have more chance of a good tournament than in the last 3 world cups.

Don't think India will win and despite not normally being able to write off Pakistan they look in a real mess and will probably self destruct again before it starts.Sri Lanka look a strong side but i think South Africa and Australia may struggle as their attacks don't have the depth of quality spin to sustain a challenge.

Bangladesh will be a dangerous side as they will know the conditions and Tamim could beat anybody on his day if he comes off.

If i was forced now to predict a winner i'd go with Sri Lanka but i feel it is wide open.


Be interesting to see how we go versus Oz in the upcoming series. I'm guessing the 2020 team will be the tenplate with (probably) Strauss in for Lumb & (possibly) Shahzad in for the broken Tiny Tim and maybe Yardy for Trott or (if such a beast exists) an all-rounder who bowls seam-up. Woakes or Harris, potentially?


Norwood's on Fire
Hard to see us not winning this. Winning ICC global events is just what we do tbh.


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Squad: MS Dhoni (capt & wk), Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Praveen Kumar, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, Pragyan Ojha, Ashok Dinda, R Ashwin, Saurabh Tiwary.

Indian Team for the Asia cup. Yuvraj Dropped and Sachin rested.

The batting order seems decent enough,but the bowling attack is still crap.


State Vice-Captain
12 months is a while away but I'll try...

M. Morkel

The tail is longish but Steyn is no monkey with the bat. Steyn and Parnell to open the bowling with Kallis and Morkel as first change. Tahir will have qualified by then and should be in SA's plans especially in subcontinent conditions. I'd make him bowl in tandem with Botha in the middle overs. Steyn and Parnell at the death. Morkel during the batting powerplay.
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My second choice team for this world cup is England.....they are playing some good cricket and the way they owned all the teams in the T20 WC..i fully expect them to make a huge impact...And of course India is probably one of the most favorites....but they need that Dhoni XI back and stop messing around with their key players.

That team has a chance to do well.


13D Karthik
14Irfan Pathan
15Ishant Sharma/Nehra/Sreesanth

I have a feeling India will flop though.Sachin is nowhere close to the ODI bat he was....bowling sucks.....Dhoni and Yuvraj will have to perform out of their skins....

What did he do in his last match again?
He is in brilliant form right now,no denying that.I have a feeling he has peaked too early though.And when I say he isn't the ODI bat he once was,I mean he is nowhere close to his exploits in the 90s.His 200 was brilliant but not his best ODI innings imo.What people have to realize is that he is getting on in age-turns 38 next year.It would be too much to expect a lot from Sachin,great though he undoubtedly is.His best shot at the WC was in 2003.I don't see him getting anywhere close to his exploits in that WC and I would be happy if he proves me wrong.


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McKay/Southee/possible batting option

Possibly our best shot ever of taking out the world cup. Clearly going to lose in the semis to the runner up.
My Preliminary team

N McCullum

12th man Butler

Wouldn't mind seeing young Williamson come into the team for Oram if he can prove himself over the next 6 months by getting selected for NZ and performing. If he does my batting order would look like this.

N McCullum

I am a bit concerned with Elliot at number 6 as he can't really slog at the death - but the batsman coming in after him can. Taylor is batting one spot too low. But couldn't squeeze him in any higher.


Cricket Spectator
Cricket World Cup Schedule - Fixtures

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is now just few months away (still 6+ months) and discussing the fixtures would be very important.

Feb 19, 2011 Bangladesh vs India , 1st ODI Match Mirpur
Feb 20, 2011 New Zealand vs Kenya , 2nd ODI Match Chennai
Feb 20, 2011 Sri Lanka vs Canada , 3rd ODI Match Hambantota
Feb 21, 2011 Australia vs Zimbabwe , 4th ODI Match Ahmedabad
Feb 22, 2011 England vs Netherlands , 5th ODI Match Nagpur
Feb 23, 2011 Pakistan vs Canada , 6th ODI Match Hambantota
Feb 24, 2011 South Africa vs West Indies , 7th ODI Match Delhi
Feb 25, 2011 Australia vs New Zealand , 8th ODI Match Nagpur
Feb 25, 2011 Bangladesh vs Ireland , 9th ODI Match Mirpur
Feb 26, 2011 Pakistan vs Sri Lanka , 10th ODI Match Colombo
Feb 27, 2011 India vs England , 11th ODI Match Kolkata
Feb 28, 2011 Canada vs Zimbabwe , 13th ODI Match Nagpur
Feb 28, 2011 West Indies vs Netherlands , 12th ODI Match Delhi
Mar 1, 2011 Sri Lanka vs Kenya , 14th ODI Match Colombo
Mar 2, 2011 England vs Ireland , 15th ODI Match Bangalore
Mar 3, 2011 Pakistan vs Canada , 17th ODI Match Colombo
Mar 3, 2011 South Africa vs Netherlands , 16th ODI Match Mohali
Mar 4, 2011 New Zealand vs Zimbabwe , 18th ODI Match Ahmedabad
Mar 4, 2011 Bangladesh vs West Indies , 19th ODI Match Mirpur
Mar 5, 2011 Australia vs Sri Lanka , 20th ODI Match Colombo
Mar 6, 2011 India vs Ireland , 21st ODI Match Bangalore
Mar 6, 2011 South Africa vs England , 22nd ODI Match Chennai
Mar 7, 2011 Canada vs Kenya , 23rd ODI Match Delhi
Mar 8, 2011 Pakistan vs New Zealand , 24th ODI Match Kandy
Mar 9, 2011 India vs Netherlands , 25th ODI Match Delhi
Mar 10, 2011 Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe , 26th ODI Match Kandy
Mar 11, 2011 West Indies vs Ireland , 27th ODI Match Mohali
Mar 11, 2011 Bangladesh vs England , 28th ODI Match Chittagong
Mar 12, 2011 India vs South Africa , 29th ODI Match Nagpur
Mar 13, 2011 New Zealand vs Canada , 30th ODI Match Mumbai
Mar 13, 2011 Australia vs Kenya , 31st ODI Match Bangalore
Mar 14, 2011 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe , 32nd ODI Match Kandy
Mar 14, 2011 Bangladesh vs Netherlands , 33rd ODI Match Chittagong
Mar 15, 2011 South Africa vs Ireland , 34th ODI Match Kolkata
Mar 16, 2011 Australia vs Canada , 35th ODI Match Bangalore
Mar 17, 2011 England vs West Indies , 36th ODI Match hennai
Mar 18, 2011 Sri Lanka vs New Zealand , 37th ODI Match Mumbai
Mar 18, 2011 Ireland vs Netherlands , 38th ODI Match Kolkata
Mar 19, 2011 Pakistan vs Australia , 39th ODI Match Colombo
Mar 19, 2011 Bangladesh vs South Africa , 40th ODI Match Mirpur
Mar 20, 2011 Zimbabwe vs Kenya , 41st ODI Match Kolkata
Mar 20, 2011 India vs West Indies , 42nd ODI Match Chennai
Mar 23, 2011 1st Quarter Final ODI Match Mirpur
Mar 24, 2011 2nd Quarter Final ODI Match Colombo
Mar 25, 2011 3rd Quarter Final ODI Match Mirpur
Mar 26, 2011 4th Quarter Final ODI Match Ahmedabad
Mar 29, 2011 1st Semi Final ODI Match Colombo
Mar 30, 2011 2nd Semi Final ODI Match Mohali
Apr 2, 2011 The Final ODI Match Mumbai

Timings of Matches are yet to be decided.

ICC World Cup 2011 Schedule

I tried to search in the forum but could not find any thread related to Cricket World Cup, so created this one.

Sir Alex

Perfect. They have done away with stupid Super six/eight crap. 6 group matches and knockouts from there. Awesome!


Cricket Spectator
Perfect. They have done away with stupid Super six/eight crap. 6 group matches and knockouts from there. Awesome!
Ya obviously, here you can commit mistake only at the Group Stage. Once you are in the Quarter finals any wrong would lead bye bye.


International Coach
Bangladesh get 4 at Mirpur, 2 at Chittagong.
Sri Lanka get 3 at Colombo.
Pakistan get 3 at Colombo and 2 at Kandy.
India have to roam the length and breadth of the country.

What's with the skewed venue allotment?

And, with all due respect to to Zimbabwe, what's with the waiting for 5 days after the opening game before we finally get to watch a proper non-minnow match ?