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Road to Russia 2018


Now I know moaning about footy rankings is like shouting at clouds for being white and fluffy, but yer Leekists as a top seed ahead of Italy and France?

As far as I can see they're only really beaten yer Phelgms who've been a non-shyte side for about five seconds themselves.


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Not even google can help me with that one Brumbers.

Edit: I assume Leekists are Wales and Phelgms are Belgium.


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The difference is am not joking :ph34r:

The only side that would worry me is you guys, but only because of the Derby game factor.

Fully expect maximum points before exiting the finals before July


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Not even google can help me with that one Brumbers.

Edit: I assume Leekists are Wales and Phelgms are Belgium.
Took me ages. For a while I thought he meant New Zealand.


Listened to this on the radio. Amused by them drawing all the weaker teams first while the commentator did his best to sound excited about which group the Faroe Islands were in.


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Having a quick look at the groups, is one being touted as the group of death because I can't see any in particular. I guess if you are from Sweden, Hungary, Bosnia, Turkey etc you might have a different view,


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Perfect draw for the Republic given they're 4th seeds, but unless they sack O'Neill it won't matter.


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The opening weekend of South American qualifiers once again showed why they are the toughest qualifying zone in world football - with Chile and Ecuador securing wins over Brazil and Argentina as everyone is aware

Chile win over Brazil not much of surprise given their continued struggles, but even without Messi Ecuador winning in Argentina is HUGE!

Mexico toppling USA in front almost 100,000 fans to secure place in Russia 2017 Confederations Cup was a nice watch



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Looking forward to another round of the South American WCQs tonight.

Bit of a buzz kill that Argentina are without Messi, Aguero &Tevez for the Brazil clash - but Colombia vs Chile should be riveting.

Will be interesting to see how Ecuador do on the road vs Uruguay too after that big win in Argentina on Match day 1