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Riaz Afridi


Cricketer Of The Year
thierry henry said:
Oh dear................
What in the wide world is this thread about ? :wacko:

For all I know, it just says Title - Riaz Afridi , and you comment above ? :blink:

Am I missing some thing here or please be kind enough to make your post a bit more explanatory . :)


First Class Debutant
OK, so Riaz Afridi just debuted in the current match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and he took Sangakkara's and Jayawardene's wicket.

What's so "oh dear" about that? :P


International Regular
the only thing i can find remotely relavent is this extract from a live cricinfo scorecard after riaz afridi had come in as nightwatchman:

Vaas to Riaz Afridi, OUT: after the bouncer the perfect ball,
straight and drew Afridi forward and misses but the ball destroys
his stumps as they fly out of the ground.

Still(if this is it) it definatley does not warrant a thread being started.


Mystifying thread with "oh dear"

Saw Afridi II in U-19 WC, pretty good but there were better players

I guess he is mentioned coz he took the wicket of Jaya and S'karra...(strong middle order)

Its good that this is only 2 match series, else the selectors would be confused if Sami and Aktar were fit


State 12th Man
nah dont think the selectors wudv bin confused akhtar and sami always first choice and with razzaq and naveedul hasan as allroundrz dont think theyl go 4 anyone else ,but mayb hez a gud find coz mostly they injured anyway


Cricket Web Staff Member
Another 19-year-old Pakistani chucked into Test-cricket with a reasonable average and a questionable economy-rate... surprisingly, so far this Test it's gone the other way around. :)


Cricketer Of The Year
Weren't there 2 or 3 Pakistan U19 players reported for suspect bowling actions? I don't think Riaz Afridi was one of them though.

And besides no New Zealander would be able to watch the Pak/S.L match so Thierry can't have seen any footage of Afridi bowling.

thierry henry

International Captain
dammit, I swear I've got the right guy Tim. I remember the name from the under-19s, I looked at his pic and remembered the face. If I haven't I'll be embarrassed. Anyway, worst chucker I've ever seen televised at any level. If I've got the right guy :-O


International Regular
nah i think you have the right guy, i haven't seen him bowl but heard very bad things(about his action), don't be suprised to see this headline after the current pak vs sl test: "Riaz Afridi reported for chucking".


U19 Vice-Captain
well that is totally wrong because his bowling action is clear to me.and I think Riaz afridi can be taken in place of rana naved-ul-hasan