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Remember when Flem was a mod?


Banning GIMH was fun. Might have banned Furball too, but I can't remember who pushed the button. I never got Sledger or Benchmark which is a shame. I could have had the set.

Raghav was the saltiest, believe it or not.
Me getting a permanent ban revoked after Smitteh called the mods out on it was good. Sadly I got a year long ban soon after iirc.


Norwood's on Fire

You got a two year ban short of two years on. Sadly it was reduced to six months


I swear I did have one year long ban at some point though. Possibly before the perma that never was.


Norwood's on Fire
I was about to write on Flem’s wall saying ‘remember when you were a mod’ then I remembered this thread

Looks like I’m out of new material.

Oh wait, that was true by my 4th post.

Taxation is theft, Burgey is a ****, up the ****ing whites and long live Freddie.

Now. Remember when Flem was a mod?


it was truly a golden age of cw but the wheel turns, and gimh again reached out from his ban to touch the world of cw...


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Was it Flem or Furball who shut down the parody TF “Millstones” thread I made which consisted purely of pictures of millstones?