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Registered Players

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International Debutant
CWCA - Registered Players

List of players registered to date -


A Fagina
A Monk
A Sharma
A Turb
BFP Kirk
B Smythe-Smith
C Ardley
C Lewis
CP Raftery
D Garson
D Jellett
DB Wayne
E Ames
E Morris
G Furball
G Shriram
G Sriram
GI Joe
GIMH Martyn
H Beaver
H Mork
HT Davis
I Narang
J Howe
JB de Prag
JD Hurricane
L Himann
L Townsend
Masud V
M Deen
M Hunt
M La Brooy
M Morkel
M Wisney
O du Toit
O Wood
P Ingram
P Spark
Q Chee
R Yamadera
S Delev
S Hit
S Zadran
SC Somerset
T Loganathan
Z Dunlop

Italics = On Waiting List
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