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Rate these Batsmen: Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Rahul Dravid, Younis Khan

Which one of these batsmen is the best in your opinion?

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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
One lefty, two righties.

Classical vs asymmetrical

Grifters. Grafters. Wall. (Petrified) Wood. Water.

Call them what you want.

Younis Khan: 10,099 at 52.0
Rahul Dravid: 13,288 at 52.3
Shiv Chanderpaul: 11,857 at 51.4


International Vice-Captain
Chanders isnt up to the other two.

Dravid slightly over Younis. The only way I can separate the two is that Dravid has a few more big budget performances and series than Younis.


International Coach
I wonder what Younis legacy would be had he not been banned by the buffoon PCB chairman Ijaz Butt in 2009-2010 which made him miss 12 tests in ENA 5 vs aus, 4 England and 3 vs NZL he was at his peak 32-33 and was really up for the challenge an year earlier he got himself a contract to play a season for South Australia and averages 50 odd for the season he had just taken the captaincy and won the world T 20 championship and was looking to build his legacy but then in a typical Pakiatani fashion there was an uprising against him when 9 players went against him (Afridi was the alleged leader of the conspiracy)and in all the ruckus the PCB ended up banning some of the seniors including younis and yousuf this all lead to Salman butt becoming skipper that lead to spot fixing gate .

I believe YK would have scored quite heavily in the 6 tests vs Aus and NZl the conditions in England were much tougher but he would atleast have scored one or two big ones in his typical manner I believe had he played those series at his supposed peak that would have pushed him higher in to Dravid, Kallis ,Sangakarra territory right not he is slightly below them.


U19 12th Man
Even if you know or seen a little bit of cricket that was played during those times it is an easy pick


International Vice-Captain
Dravid then Younis then Shiv. But tbh, Shiv is not in the same league as those other two sorry.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Dravid outside Asia, Younis in Asia. Will go with the consensus overall and go with Dravid just ahead. Shiv loses points for Chanderpauling too often but still a great batsman nonetheless.


International Coach
Younis needed a monster series in SENA to put him at par with Dravid.
Hence I said the banning of him @ 32 which robbed him of 12 tests in SENA dented his legacy the most I would have backed him to score around 900-1200 @45-50 in those tests.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Dravid , averages 52 outside asia iirc compare to Khan's 38 , Chanders not in contest.